How To Give Your Family Room A Luxury Twist

It’s no secret that when it comes to family room decor, often we opt for pieces that are practical rather than chic and stylish. It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that a family room should be a functional space, not somewhere that is decor focused. However, as you’re about to find out, that’s not the case.

Yes, your family room should be somewhere that’s suitable for your whole family – kids and adults alike. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be elegant. To update your family room, making it a little more luxurious, here’s what you need to do.

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Repaint in neutrals

Often, we choose to decorate family spaces in bright colors; this tends to be for two main reasons. One, brighter colors don’t show the dirt as much as light tones, and we all know that kids make a mess wherever they go. And two, because, for a child-friendly space, bright shades seem to be suitable.

However, a family room decorated in neutrals can be a massive success. You see, while kids make mess, if you opt for a neutral shade in a paint that’s wipeable, you can easily keep it clean. You can create a room that looks chic and stylish but is also, super easy to keep clean. While children do like color, that doesn’t mean you have to decorate in bright, bold tones. Instead, add luxury to the space with shades like camel and gray, and use accessories to add a little color.

Opt for a stylish leather sofa

When thinking about making the space elegant and family-friendly, the best sofa design to opt for is a leather one. Firstly because leather can look amazing in almost any space, adding a unique, authentic sense of style. Secondly, because leather is easy to clean, as all you need to do is give it a quick wipe over.

Switch the carpet for hardwood flooring

For a space that is truly luxurious, hardwood flooring is a must. When I say wooden flooring, I don’t mean clip together fake wood, I mean real wood. To give your family room a massive boost of elegance, adding a hardwood floor is the way to go.

Not only does it look amazingly beautiful, but hardwood is also ideal for family spaces as it’s easy to clean. So regardless of what mess is made, your room will stay looking luxurious.

Add elegance to your ceiling

Often, when it comes to decorating, we fail to think about our ceilings. However, to create a room that looks and feels as luxurious as possible, taking the ceiling into account is important.

This means thinking about how you can add a little luxury, such as with elegant ceiling moldings. You may need a little help with this kind of renovation, so check out Sometimes, it’s best to call in the professionals, especially if you want a certain feature to be perfect.

As well as investing in ceiling molding, don’t forget to shop for a new lampshade. Personally, I always find that chandelier-inspired designs are ideal for adding a little bit of extra luxury. This is because they are eye-catching and wonderfully

Want to give your family room a boost of elegance and style, all you need to do is take note of the ideas, above.

A Step by Step Guide to Switching to Solar Power

Are you thinking about making the switch to solar power? It’s a green and sustainable source of energy, so it’s a great move to make. Here’s a step by step guide to follow.

Choosing the Panels

The most important thing to get right when choosing solar panels for your home is the wattage. If the wattage isn’t powerful enough, you will find that the solar panels you have are incapable of providing the amount of energy you need. And if you buy solar panels that are too powerful, you will be spending more than you need to. So, you need to work out how much power you use and then choose the solar panels that are suitable for your needs. And then compare prices of different retailers before buying.

Think About the Surroundings

Where your home is positioned and what’s surrounding it will have a big impact on your ability to use solar panels for energy generation. Obviously, the main concern you need to think about is how exposed to the sun the roof of your home is. If the roof (which is where the panels will be installed) is in the shade, you won’t have much success. If this is the case, you will need to cut down any trees that cast shadows on the roof during the day. This will allow you to achieve optimum efficiency.

Have them Installed

When you buy your solar panels from a reputable source, they will make sure they’re correctly installed for you. This is something that you can do yourself. But unless you have specific knowledge of how to do the job, it’s probably best to leave it to someone who knows what they’re doing. A professional will be able to make sure that it’s fully functional and won’t cause you any headaches further down the line. If you do decide to install them by yourself, make sure you take safety precautions when climbing your roof.

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Don’t Forget Backup

You won’t be able to power your home via solar energy alone. You can get as much coverage as possible by making sure you have a battery that allows you to store the power your panels generate. This will allow you to use the power at night when the sun is obviously no longer around to directly power the home. But it’s still a good idea to have backup. You can augment your solar powered home by using a generator. Read this article on diesel generators vs petrol generators to make sure you buy the right one.


Powering your home using solar panels does require a little maintenance. And because you are doing it all by yourself, you don’t have anyone to do that maintenance for you. Luckily, there’s nothing too complicated about looking after your solar panels. All you really need to do is clean the solar panels regularly. This is an important job to do though. There will be lots of debris and bird droppings that build up on the panels if you fail to clean them properly. Other than that, you’ll just need to make sure everything is in working order once every few months.

My Top Tips For Keeping Family Life Affordable

It’s no secret that having children comes with a lot of expense, from the costs of feeding and clothing them to keeping a roof over their heads. As a parent, I am all too familiar with the cost of raising kids. I love my children dearly, but having a family is just so expensive.

Of course, while being a parent is pricey, there are ways to cut your spending costs. Want to know more about reducing your family’s spending, keep reading, below:

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Go green with your meals

This may sound a little crazy, but hear me out. We are a society that loves eating meat, well most families do. Buying good-quality meat can be expensive and can massively increase the cost of your grocery shopping. Instead of eating meat every night, consider going green on weeknights.

The good news is that as well as being cheaper, going green is also healthy. Plus, with so many yummy recipes to choose from, even the fussy eaters in your family will be happy. From veggie lasagne to lentil curry, there are lots of delicious meat-free meals you can try. You could also consider adding Quorn to your food. This is a mushroom-based meat alternative, that’s cheap, tasty and healthy.

Teach the kids about energy efficiency

Want to save money at home – be more energy efficient. One of the best ways to cut your household spending is by becoming more eco-friendly, as less energy usage means lower bills. Turn down the thermostat, swap to energy efficient light bulbs, and insulate your home. Do whatever it takes to reduce your energy bills.

Of course, it’s all well and good being energy efficient yourself. However, if the whole family doesn’t follow your example, it’s pointless. Hold a family meeting and discuss why it’s so important that you become more energy efficient. Explain that not only will switching off PlayStations after use, save money but also, the penguins and the polar bears.

For older kids, it shouldn’t be too hard to explain. For younger ones, however, it might be tricky. Have a look online and order them a book about energy saving, that you can read to them. Or perhaps you could download a kids program about saving energy?

Take advantage of free activities

This summer, I realised just how much money we spend on family days out. Tickets to events and attractions are just so expensive, for families like mine, days out aren’t always doable. Instead, take advantage of all the free activities on offer in your local area, such as beaches, walks, and play parks.

If there is an attraction that you want to take your kids to but just can’t afford it, think of ways you could make the day cheaper. Pack a picnic instead of buying lunch there. Order your tickets in advance online and receive a ten percent discount. Use discount and deal websites to find cheaper tickets. There are lots of simple things you can do to make family days out more affordable.

Keeping your family afloat isn’t always easy, especially when you are the mother of a big brood. However, by taking note of the ideas above, you can make family life a little cheaper.

Improving Your Home Life Is Easy

Everybody wants a happy home life. In fact, it should be one of the items that sits near the very top of anybody’s agenda. After all, if you can’t be happy in the comfort of your own surroundings, then where can you?

Building a better home environment is a challenge that never seems to end. However, there are some items that should be prioritised over others. Dealing with those main issues first will create a far better atmosphere for the entire household to share.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Fix External Faults

It’s easy to forget how important the outside areas of the property are to your home. In truth, that can be even more telling than everything inside. For example, poor roofing or foundations can bring major problems to your home lives. If you do encounter problems here, do not leave them.

Another important area that shouldn’t be forgotten is the boundary of your property. Aluminium fences are a fantastic way to protect the front of your property. They can be used as a security measure too. However, you’d probably want to combine this with a decent alarm system too.

Starting from the outside might not sound overly logical. However, it can protect the property and will create better vibes too.


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Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Home fulfils many needs. But none is greater than sleep. We spend roughly a third of our lives resting, and getting the best night’s sleep possible is key to improving our feelings around the property.

The impact of a bad night’s sleep can quickly destroy our positive feelings. Furthermore, the physical changes to the body are quite noticeable too. Conversely, a great 40 winks will leave the body feeling energised and happy.

If there’s only one piece of furniture you treat yourself to, make it a new mattress. Seriously, the impact it will have on your life is huge.

Encourage Family Time

The best thing about your household is the people inside it. Making time to celebrate them is one of the most important tasks in modern life. Do not forget it.

It doesn’t matter how you achieve this. All families are different. Whether it’s sitting down in the living room to watch TV, or playing games and other activities isn’t important. The key is that you are all happy and comfortable together.

If you achieve this, it will always remain a happy home.

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Save Money

Let’s not kid ourselves, money does buy you happiness. Of course, the best things in life are free. But there is no denying that having more spare cash will allow you to enjoy your life a little bit more.

There are many ways to save money around the home. If it leaves you with just a little extra cash at the end of each month, it can be put to great use by creating better opportunities for the entire family.

Prioritise items that won’t sacrifice any of life’s luxuries, and your relationship with the property is sure to improve.

Dealing With Your Home After Flood Damage

There are plenty of problems that can affect your property at any time. Natural disasters can strike anywhere anytime, and there’s no way of figuring out whether your home will be affected. One of the biggest risks to your property is going to be flood damage. This can cause chaos and carnage to any home, but it’s difficult to avoid it.

There’s a real chance that you may encounter some flood damage at some point in your life. The important thing to remember is to make sure you don’t panic. There are options available to you when facing any sort of water damage. Here are some of my suggestions for dealing with your home after flood damage.

Rip Out the Interior

If you have any kind of water damage, it’s going to affect the inside of the property. There will be quite a bit of damage that needs to be addressed. So the best thing to do would be to rip out the interior. You’re going to have to get everything out that’s been affected by the water. It might be worth getting in touch with Cenco Building Services as they’ll be able to deal with restoration work. You’re basically going to be gutting the interior, dealing with all the damage and then replacing anything that was ruined. This is a big undertaking, so it’s important to have professional guidance.

Use it as a Chance to Expand

It’s easy to get bogged down by the negatives when your home has been flooded. But you need to try to keep a positive outlook on things. And the way to do this is to make sure you look at the advantages. Think of this as a fresh start and a chance to expand your home and do things you’ve been planning for ages. There’s no better time than now to do this. You’re going to need some home restoration work done anyway. So use this as an opportunity to build any extensions or expansions.

Speak to Insurance Company

Hopefully, when you took out home insurance, you remembered to get the package that covered water damage! So now is the time to make use of this. You’ve got to get in touch with the insurance company, let them know what’s happened, and tell them you want to make a claim. If you are covered, then you should find the process is a smooth and simple one. And your claim will help to pay for a lot of the repair work you’ll have to do.

Sort Out Mold

One of the big threats to your home post-flood is going to be mold. This can be a nightmare for the inner workings of the building, and is a visual eyesore. So you’ve got to act swiftly to get rid of the mold. And a big part of this is going to involve drying out your home with things like dehumidifiers. You might also want to get mold removal experts in to deal with the more extreme cases. Moving forwards you have to make sure the walls are well insulated, and you use damp-proof paint.


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As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can deal with our home in the event of flood damage. The key is to make sure you’re decisive. The longer you leave the problem, the worse it’s going to get. You need to act quickly to help make the home more beautiful and repair any of the damage that the flooding has caused.

Here’s How I Would Love To Make My Home More Beautiful

I love my home, and I love that I get to be at home with my kids. I spend a lot of time here, so I have plenty of opportunities to look around and dream up improvements. For me, the key to a beautiful home is the personal touches. My children make my house a home. Their laughter fills every room giving this home a huge place in my heart. I want it to be as beautiful as their smiles.

This season I’m looking at changing a few light fittings. I’m already thinking about some lights on the outside for the holidays. Lots of the properties in my neighborhood have pretty awesome displays. I bet they have huge electricity bills too! I’ve found out that LED lighting is so much cheaper than the regular energy saver or halogen bulbs you can get. This has got me shopping around for new fittings as well as new bulbs!

I love how chandeliers cascade down from the ceiling. I think the ornate ones with glass or crystal drops are so beautiful. The modern ones are stunning because the designs are so intricate. If I was to choose a more modern style for the living room, I think a contemporary style chandelier would be ideal. Having it on a dimmer switch will be ideal for movie nights!

I read a lot, so I like a good standard lamp over my shoulder. I have a perfect one that I love with a warmer toned bulb in. When I was shopping for led bulbs, I noticed you can have several different color temperatures. There is a cooler, daylight effect bulb. This could be ideal for when you need something just a tad brighter. It’s great that you can buy them to fit in all your regular light fittings. provided the photo

With six kids, you can understand I’m often up in the night. My nightstands have touch lamps on. They are quick and easy to activate without me having to feel around for the switch. The best thing is that they have three levels of light. The first is dim enough not to burn your corneas when you switch it on at two in the morning! Even the kids can operate it if they come to me in the night. Best of all, they don’t disturb anyone else.

I just love those old-fashioned desk lamps from the forties. They are the perfect height to sit over the laptop screen so I can type after dark. I just wish I could find one to buy! The green glass is a distinct feature that just seems so retro and chic. I think I’ve seen some Rennie Mackintosh styled table lamps too. They are so colorful and quaint. I think the kids might prefer an app-controlled disco ball, but I just love those designs.

Fairy lights are everywhere in my house, especially at this time of year. I catch the kids staring at them like they are hypnotized. I think the warm glow and all the different colors are a wonderful way to create a cozy, homely feel around the home. How do you like to light your family home?

Product Review: Blackhead Remover Kit by Aotearoa Beauty

Growing up I hardly ever broke out with pimples. I did not know about blackhead removal kits. I was lucky to go my teenage years with a clear face. As soon as I starting having kids, that is when my face started breaking out. I had no idea that you are not supposed to pop your pimples before they are ready and I sure as heck didn’t know about how to properly get rid of blackheads. I wish someone would have told me that when you use your fingernails to pop a pimple or try to get rid of the blackheads you tear up some of your skin and that how you end up with permanent scars.

blackhead remover kit

I ended up with scars where I picked pimples before they were ready and some blackheads that I didn’t properly get out, left me with blemishes on my face. It wasn’t until I tried out Aotearoa Beauty’s blackhead remover kit that I knew how to properly get rid of blackheads. This kit came with simple instructions to follow and all the instruments you are going to need come in a cute case.

I love that the blackhead remover instruments are made of stainless steel which makes them easy to clean and sterilize. You will want to make sure you clean them after you use them so that you wont cross contaminate your face. You will have to steam your face to open up your pores but after than it is pretty simple to use. I found it easier to use the pimple remover when the pimples were bigger. It makes it easier to pop them out with the pimple remover(the one that looks like a little needle loop)once you see the pimple with the whitehead.

I really love that by me using these blackhead removal kit, I don’t cause my face to break out more. I am certainly pleased that I was offered the opportunity to try out this kit at a reduced price. My face certainly thanks Aotearoa Beauty for the opportunity to learn how to keep my face with less blemishes than I have already put on there through the years.

I bought the Aotearoa Beauty blackhead remover kit at a discount. This is my honest and unbiased review

How To Save Money On Electricity This Winter

Everyone should want to cut back on their electricity bills this winter. That is the best way to ensure you have enough cash in the bank to pay for the finer things in life. Nobody should pay more than is necessary for the power that runs their home. With that in mind, the ideas and suggestions below will help you to make incredible savings. You might have to spend some money upfront, but that’s going to put you in a much better position. Once you have all the items you require, they will soon start to pay for themselves.

Contact a solar energy company

Firstly, you need to pay a solar energy specialist to fit panels on the roof of your home. That is sure to close a few thousand dollars. However, it could also reduce your energy bills considerably. Many people who use solar panels end up with a check from the power company at the end of the year. That is because they have created more electricity than your home has used. Turning the situation around and getting the energy firms to pay you is much better than sending them hundreds of dollars every quarter.

•Use price comparison websites

Those of you who don’t want to spend thousands on solar panels might consider swapping energy providers. Believe it or not, there are price comparison websites you can use for finding the best deals. Just visit a suitable domain, enter your details, and wait for the results. Experts say the average family could save £300 per year by using sites of that nature. When all’s said and done, there is no point paying a high premium unless you have no other choice. You shouldn’t worry too much about brand loyalty when dealing with energy companies.

•Snuggle up more often

You won’t have to switch your heating on if the entire family snuggles up together on the sofa. Likewise, the same should be true when you get into bed. Representatives from West Point Home say that luxurious bedding can reduce heating costs considerably. When you’re lying under a well-made upmarket blanket or duvet, there is no need for alternative heat sources. Your body will warm the material and make sure you stay nice and toasty. The same is not true with cheap blankets and duvets you might purchase from a local supermarket. Premium brands produce premium results.

•Use your fire

You should aim to make your home as eco-friendly as possible. That sometimes means switching the electric heating off and lighting your wood or coal fire. In most instances, only those living in older homes will have that option. However, architects still add real fireplaces to some properties to create a luxurious aesthetic. Swapping to a different source of heat will undoubtedly help to drive your electricity bills down this winter.

Whatever you want to do this winter, make sure you create a plan soon. There are only a few weeks to go until things start to get very hectic. That means you’ll want to make alterations and put your new plans in place as soon as you can. Solar panels will increase in price at this time of the year because more people are buying them. However, you can still make great savings if you look online. Just research the top providers and see who’s offering the best deals.


Cost-Effective Ways To Makeover Your Bathroom

If you have some spare time, you might be wondering what to do with it. Why not focus on a DIY project, like updating your bathroom? The beauty of opting to makeover your bathroom is the fact that not only will it not take long, but also, that an upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive.

Often, our bathrooms are the rooms that get neglected when it comes to decorating. We spend most of our time focusing on the spaces that we use most – the lounge, kitchen and bedrooms and forget about the bathroom.

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So if you have some spare time and money, why not give your bathroom a revamp? As mentioned above, this doesn’t have to be expensive. Even with a small budget to work with, you can easily update your bathroom.

To help you do that, here are a few design tips and ideas:

Start with a deep clean

The first thing that you need to do is give your bathroom a deep clean. Often, areas of the room that look a little worse for wear, like black bath seals, can be improved by cleaning. To get rid of moldy bathroom seals for good, apply bleach to the affected area and then wipe clean.

Spend a couple of hours cleaning the bathroom until it sparkles so that you can see what areas need work. For instance, once you have deep cleaned, you may notice that the tiles in the shower have stains in their grout that won’t disappear. To get this fixed, visit and look at the options for tile grout replacement.

Paint the walls

Sprucing up your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to give the room a new look and feel. While you could opt to wash the walls instead of repainting, if you want a theme change, painting is crucial.

To keep costs low, don’t hire a contractor to do the painting for you, do it yourself. To make repainting your bathroom easier, check out this website,

The downside to repainting is that paint can be expensive to buy, depending on where you get it from, that is. Don’t just buy paint from anywhere, shop around and find the best deal. Often, discount stores have a fantastic range of budget-friendly paints.

Switch the accessories

Get rid of the old bathroom accessories – light fixtures, decorations, wall art, and towels, and replace them with new pieces. When it comes to giving your bathroom a fresh feel, changing up the accessories can make a big difference.

The best thing about bathroom accessories is the fact that they don’t have to be expensive to add style. You can buy some beautiful pieces on online discount sites, so make sure to keep an eye out for these.

Add new flooring

If your bathroom’s flooring is looking a little old and tatty, you may be worried about the cost of replacing it. However, if you opt to replace it with lino, it should be an affordable update. Many people aren’t fans of lino, as sometimes it can make rooms feel a little cheap. However, if you opt for a well-designed print and have it professionally laid, lino can look fantastic.

When it comes to updating your bathroom, don’t let the cost put you off. As if you follow these tips, you can makeover your bathroom on the smallest budget.

4 Moves You Might Make in Your Life

A lot of people, myself included, hate having to move on a regular basis. It can be stressful and expensive. So, you need to look at moves you can make that are going to be more long-term. Here is a list of 4 of the most important and common moves you might make in your life.

Moving to Your Own Home

The big move many people will make is to leave the nest and move into their own home. This is a vital step on the path to growing up and becoming responsible. It can be rather daunting the first time, but you’ll need to get used to it. You can’t live with your parents the rest of your life. Once you have the finances to do so, you need to think about moving to your own home. Embrace this and enjoy it because you’ll be glad you did it eventually.

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Living With Friends

Many people like to live with friends as one of the first moves they make. Perhaps you’re going to attend college or university, and you’re rooming with friends. When you finally move into another place, you might want to share with them. This is useful if you live somewhere expensive, or you don’t know many people. A lot of people are glad of not having to move often. And living with friends gives you a comfortable environment where you can live for a long time. This is an excellent way to get used to the responsibility of living away from home, but you also have the security of rooming with friends.

Move in as a Couple

When you enter into a relationship, it’s only natural you’ll want to spend a lot of time together. At some point, if the relationship progress, you might decide you’d like to live together. Moving in with a partner symbolises commitment and a serious step in your relationship. But, you need to understand that moving in together as a couple is a big decision to make. And it’s one that you need to make sure is the right choice before doing it. The last thing you want is to move into a new place together and then everything starts to go wrong.

Moving Abroad

You might come to a point in your life where you are sick of the country you live in. Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with no way out. Maybe you want to move somewhere else and make something of yourself. This is one of the reasons why many people decide they want to move abroad. If you have your heart set on a move abroad, you’ll need to contact moving companies to get your possessions shipped over. There’s also the task of securing employment, understanding cultural differences, and preparing your finances.

These are four of the most common moves you might make at some point in your life. A lot of it will depend on circumstances such as where you live and what your situation is. But keep these in mind because the chances are you’ll be doing at least one of them at some point.

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