Repair Projects That You Don’t Have To Pay For

Anyone who owns a house knows that they will have to make repairs from time to time. It is an occupational hazard of owning a property because houses are notorious for falling apart. When it does happen, and it will, you shouldn’t panic. Lots of homeowners think that a break is the end of the world, and they rashly throw money at the problem. Money is not the solution as you can repair the majority of issues yourself. Here are the projects that you should try and attempt to repair instead of running to the handyman.


Bikes easily breakdown, which is not a good thing for the bank balance. What is good for the bank balance is the fact that you can fix most glitches without a moment’s thought. The main problems are punctured tires, a broken chain or dodgy brakes. To fix a punctured tire, install a new inner tube; to solve a broken chain, lubricate it; and to improve the brakes, add new brake wires. All the latter are incredibly simple if you follow the instructions.

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Now, most people will never attempt to solve a plumbing problem because plumbing is complicated. And, that is true for the most part, which makes it a good mantra to live your life. But, not every problem is going to escalate into something horrific. The main example is a blockage. If you have a blockage in the pipes, don’t waste your time, and money, on a plumber. There are brilliant household products that eradicate the buildup of waste, or you can use a mixture of a plunger and your hands.

Furniture Cracks

There is a very organic way to fix a crack in a piece of furniture – mayonnaise. No, that is not a joke because mayonnaise does work if the crack is only small. For bigger fissures, you will need something more substantial. Don’t worry, though, because there are plenty of options available. The best option is glue, more specifically adhesive bonding supplies at Kenyon Group. Kenyon Group adhesives are specifically tailored for woodwork, furniture and construction, and they will work a treat.

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Okay, you might not try and fix faulty clothes. But, you will throw them away as you think they have no use anymore, and that is costly. Can you afford to waste money on clothes every other week? If you can’t, learn how to stitch and sew. People that can stitch and sew can solve pretty much any clothing related problem that arises. From a hole in the crotch to overly long trousers legs, it is all in your remit.

TV Monitors

No one wants to settle down to watch a bit of TV only to find a couple of dead pixels in the middle of the screen. These pixels do one thing: they make you want to go out and buy another television! Before you replace your TV screen, try massaging the pixels lose with your hands, or wiping them away with a damp cloth. The majority of the time the pixels are stuck, not dead, so you can loosen them with a few nifty tricks.

#Holiday Gift Guide 2015 : Ozeri Cardio Tech Series Blood Pressure Monitor

Holidays are not just about having fun, They are also a great time to make sure all members in the family are in great health. High blood pressure runs in my family and unfortunately I was not able to escape it. I now have to be careful and make sure my blood pressure is not too high. I have to take my medicine every morning and keep an eye on it. I am not the only in the family who has to watch out for high blood pressure, so I figured that giving an Ozeri Cardio Tech Series Blood Pressure Monitor to a loved one will be a great gift this season.

This Ozeri blood pressure monitor is very easy to use. It alerts you by a color coded display whether your blood pressure is in the normal range (green) or in the a bit high range (orange) or if it is too high (red).The great thing about this Ozeri blood pressure monitor is that it is able to store 1197 readings in its memory so you can let your doctor know the readings and can get the proper medication to fix your blood pressure.

ozeri blood pressure machine

I absolutely love the easy to carry case that this blood pressure monitor comes in. I travel quite a bit and love the ease of taking this monitor with me wherever I go. I also love that this monitor takes the average of my readings and lets me know how my blood pressure is doing and whether my heart rate is normal or not. Trying this monitor out for myself let me know that it would make a great gift for any loved one. My number one concern is for all my family members to be healthy and this monitor will let them keep track of their health and let them be able to notify their doctor if for some reason their blood pressure is not what it is supposed to be.

Top Tips To Keep On Top Of Errands

Like paying tax and going for regular medical checkups, running errands is stressful but unavoidable. While there may only be a few things on your list each day, somehow doing errands seems to eat time.

When you’re a busy mom with various chores that need doing throughout the day, time is of the essence. Spending most of your time out running various errands is a nightmare scenario, as this means you won’t be able to get everything else done. While getting all of your errands done each day can seem impossible, there are things that you can do to make getting things done, easier.

Here are a few handy tips to make running errands quicker, less stressful and more enjoyable:

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Bulk buy

You know those items that you forever seem to run out of – toilet paper, detergent, washing up liquid, pet food, how about buying them in bulk? While buying in bulk means a big cost at one time, it’s worth it, as you’ll make life a whole lot easier for yourself.

By buying necessities in bulk, you’ll make running errands much easier and less stressful. You’ll cut down on the time it takes you to get everything done, as you won’t need to run to the store so often. If storage is an issue, think outside the box. Could you store these items under your bed? Or maybe in the garage? There’s always an answer when it comes to storage, so don’t stress.

Invest in services that make life easier

Life is busy, especially when you’re a mom, which can sometimes mean it’s almost impossible to get all your errands done. To make things easier, take advantage of services that can help. Instead of heading to the store, save time and money by doing your weekly food shop online.

You’ll find that there are various services that can help to make your errands easier. From companies that come via your house, to collect mail to dry cleaner delivery services, there is lots of help on hand. If you take the time to look at the services on offer to you, you can make running those errands, much less stressful.

Run various errands at once

Don’t make the mistake of running each errand separately, this will only waste time, gas and money. Instead, group the things that need doing together, and get them done in one trip so that they’re out of the way.

For example, if your little one needs dropping at football practice, you can go via the bank, to deposit a cheque. Then, once you’ve dropped them off, you can head to the supermarket, to pick up any items that you need. Instead of sitting around waiting for your child, to finish their after school activity, use the time wisely to get things done.
Errands might be necessary, but they don’t have to be overly time consuming or stressful. The key to making getting things done easier is being creative with your time and investing in handy services.

Listening to my children play always brings me good memories

This weekend my children participated in the cities Christmas parade. While I wish I could have heard a 5 neck guitar we heard some drums and some saxophones and flutes. We also got to see a couple of marching bands from different high schools. Listening to the marching band music versus the music played at the school recitals always brings me good memories.

I particularly liked seeing the different cheer and dace teams. I always thought my girls would do good in the dance teams but they only took it for one year. One seems to like choir more and the other ended up wanting to do more artsy stuff. I have always told my kids they could do whatever they wanted and I still believe that. I will always support my children on whatever path they choose to take. One thing I want them to know is that they can always count on their mom when it comes to anything they want to do or need advice on. My biggest and best accomplishment has and always will be them.

Everything You Need To Know About Moving Into An Old House

There’s something magical about moving into an old house – and it’s a dream for many people. But, once you move in, it’s not all a bed of roses. There are plenty of issues that you will need to be aware of before taking on an old house. And, the skills you need to be a domestic vixen are a little different to those you need in a new build!

Today, I’m going to go through some of the things you will need to know before you take the plunge. There are a lot of advantages – the character and feel of an old home is so much more unique than the cookie cutter efforts that are built these days. So, read on to make sure you don’t have any nasty surprises.



If the home you are looking at is old, then always ask about the electrics. Let’s say they haven’t been updated for many years. If so, then there’s a good chance that some of the workmanship won’t be up to scratch against today’s standards. There are dangers to watch out for in old wiring systems, and having everything replaced can cost a significant sum. So, make sure you cut a deal with the seller so that you don’t have to meet all that cost yourself.


Old homes might have different plumbing systems than those you are used to, especially if they are out in the countryside. The best example is the fact that they might not be linked to the local sewage system. Instead, you will have a septic tank installed, so you’ll need to plan liquid waste disposal into your budget. The more wastewater you have, the more it’s going to cost you. So, it’s a wise move to start getting used to watching how much water you use now, rather than later.


Old homes tend to have a lot of wood in them, and unfortunately, it’s an attraction for pests such as termites. It is essential that you look out for signs of infestation before you buy any old property, as they can cause significant damage. It might be worth hiring a professional termite inspector to come out and take a look for you.

Lead paint

It seems crazy to think that so much lead paint was around back in the olden days. If your home hasn’t had a paint job for a few decades, then there’s an excellent chance that there is lead in there somewhere. Don’t dismiss it as something unimportant. It can result in cardiac arrest in adults, and it can also have an effect on young children’s brain development. Think carefully about buying an old home that has lead paint in it – removal can cost anything up to $10,000.

Energy efficiency

There are two main issues with energy efficiency in old homes: the heating systems, and the windows. It’s important to take these into account because if the house is listed, you will be unable to make many changes. In some cases, it can mean that your energy costs will be high, so it’s something you’ll need to think about before you buy.

Well, I hope that has helped you understand about some of the problems you can encounter with buying an old home. Let me know if you have any more tips!

Renovating Your Home the Easy Way

Renovating your home isn’t always easy, but it can be made easier. It all depends on the renovations you want to make and your reasons for making them. If you want a couple of tips that will help you to renovate your home in the most efficient way possible, read on:

Get Professional Help

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, get professional help. Lots of things can go wrong when you do things on your own, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to DIY. Research the best decorators and builders in your area to help you get the job done to a high standard.

Tidy Up as You Go Along

You don’t want to leave mess and waste lying around for too long, as this will frustrate you and make everything seem worse than it is. Tidy up as you go along and you’ll feel much better. Finding a good waste removal solution for you will mean you don’t have to put much effort in at all.

Choose Renovations That Will Increase Value

If you’re making renovations, ensure they are going to add value to your home. The worst thing you can do is make renovations without doing your research first. You might just realise that you’re devaluing your home if you’re not careful.

Do it a Little at a Time

Instead of trying to take on lots of big projects at once, do a little bit at a time. This will make everything seem more manageable. Not only that, you’ll be less stressed. You won’t have to fork out as much money at once either!

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Invest in Materials

It’s a good idea to invest in quality materials, as they can make all the difference to the finished result. Make sure you’re not trying to cut corners here, as you may be disappointed with your renovations afterwards.

Measure Properly

Measure, measure, and measure again. If you’re doing any of these renovations yourself, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your measurements right. Make sure you jot them down clearly too. Getting these wrong could be the difference between a professional result and a poor looking result.

Use the Best Tools

Use the best tools possible to get the job done. If you’re unsure, do some research. You don’t have to buy the tools if you’ll only use them once; rent them. Better yet, hire a company who uses the right tools and will do everything for you.

Be Prepared for the Chaos

Unfortunately, I can’t give you any tips on stopping the chaos. When renovating your home, there’s always going to be a little chaos to contend with. So prepare yourself for it. Learn to deal with it. Don’t stress over things that you can’t control. Providing you use the tips in this guide, the end results will be amazing and none of the chaos will matter!

I hope you love these tips and they help you to create the house of your dreams!

Create the Perfect Family Garden With These Tips

If you have a family, then creating the perfect family garden for them is an absolute must. There are so many things your family can do in the garden, making it the perfect place to bond. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything to spend time there, so it’s great when you’re on a tight budget! You can set up obstacle courses, play games, have picnics…whatever you want! These tips will help you to create the perfect family garden:

Take Your Kid’s Ages Into Account

How you create your family garden will depend on how old your kids are. If they are very young, you can include play equipment appropriate for their age. If they are a little older, you can make sure they have balls, rackets, and anything else they might like to play with. You could create a play corner, or use all of the space you have to create a kind of ‘obstacle course’ or playground.

Make it Educational

Making the garden educational is a great way to help your family develop and learn. You can make it educational by including signposts helping them to remember names, teaching them about bugs, dirt, and so much more.


Keep it Clean and Tidy

It’s important you keep the garden clean and tidy to a certain extent. You can attract wildlife to the garden if you feel like that will make it prettier and more educational. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on it. Letting the grass grow out and leaving other bits in the garden to attract wildlife is a good idea. It’ll look better if you get rid of weeds though, so invest in weed killer for the lawn. Just make sure nothing dangerous comes into the garden before you allow kids to play! Snakes and other things could nestle under bits of wood, depending where you’re from. If you have bodies of water or water features, keep an eye on young kids around them. It doesn’t take much water for accidents to happen.

Plant Something Together

To get your kids into gardening, plant something together and keep an eye on it. This will teach them so many great lessons, and they’ll love watching their own little plant grow.

Have Somewhere to Sit and Relax

Create somewhere to sit and relax. Have a table and some comfy chairs so you can all sit in the summer and have lunch as a family. If you plan on inviting friends over often, make sure you have enough places to sit. You’ll also want lighting and heating if you want people to stay for longer.

Make Sure It’s Private and Safe

The perfect family garden should be kept private and safe. Make sure it’s safe from view with fences and trees. If you want it to be as safe as possible, have a good lock on your fence or gate, and install CCTV.

If you use these tips you’ll have the perfect family garden. Enjoy and make the most of it!

Holiday Gift Guide: VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX review

The Holiday season is right around the corner and if you are anything like me you are scratching your head trying to figure out what are the latest and greatest gadgets to get your children. My children like many of the gadgets mom and dad use and that is where the Vtech Kidizoom Smart watch DX comes in handy. The Vtech smart watch is perfect for ages 4 and up and you would be surprised how many things this watch can do. I was instantly hooked when I saw that this smart watch could take picture and record videos too. My boys oohhed and ahhed over the game apps on the smart watch. The fell in love with being able to take pictures and video and then being able to transfer it unto the computer.

This cute smart watch provides game apps that teaches kids while making it fun. My boys were able to learn how to tell time with the cute digital displays that are on this watch, and let me tell you that there are plenty to choose from. I find this Vtech Kidizoom smart watch DX to be a great gift for any child from the ages of 4 and up. Not only will your children be able to learn how to tell time but you can find the ultilites area that has a calculator, voice recorder and a timer.
For those mommies who are worried about whether your kid can take care of this smart watch let me tell you that the Vtech Kidizoom smart watch is splashproof as well as sweatproof which we all know how our children can get. What I love the most about this smart watch is how easily I can charge it using the provided USB cord.

If you are looking for places to buy the Vtech Kidizoom smart watch DX check Amazon and the Vtech website.

*This product was provided by Vyech so I could experience it with my family, however all thoughts and opinions are 100 percent my own

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