Effective Ways To Keep The House Running Smoothly

Work, kids, parents, cars, friends….life can be so demanding and hectic! That’s not even mentioning your home and all the responsibilities that come with it. However, help is at hand. Here is a list of ways to keep the house running smoothly, freeing up time and energy for other things!

Get Everyone Involved

Unless you live alone, or only with babies, you should not be managing the house on your own. Everyone that lives in the home should have an involvement in keeping things ticking over. Kids can tidy their bedrooms, fold fresh ironing and water plants. Elderly parents can cook dinner one night a week and polish cutlery. Giving these tasks to others frees you up to the tasks you are best at, or quickest at. Or even just the ones that you enjoy the most! We won’t tell…

Have Professionals Manage Repairs

There are some items in our homes that we can fix ourselves in they break and malfunction. Dodgy TV aerials and loose chair legs, for example. But there are some bigger jobs that you’d be best leaving to someone with training and experience. Air conditioning repair, for example, may only take a professional an hour or two to fix. However, if you try and tackle it without knowing what you’re doing, disaster is possible! Plus, any mistakes you make will elongate the length of the issue, and will be even more expensive to fix.

Go One Room At A Time

If you constantly flit from room to room when cleaning and tidying, you’ll just end up with a house of half-clean rooms! Go one room at a time, and don’t let yourself move on until it’s done. If you have the time, you could do one room per day, and keep a circulation going. Do the less demanding rooms during the week, if you have work, like the hallway. Then, do the more demanding rooms at the weekends, when you have a bit more time and energy. This goes for places like the living room, or jobs like a kitchen deep-clean. You could even do two or three rooms on your days off, and take a day off once a week instead!

Stop clutter in its tracks

Clutter doesn’t just suddenly appear out of nowhere! It is, by definition, a build up of different items that are poorly organised, or not organised at all. The only way to rid your home of clutter is not to let it appear in the first place. Tidy it away every day. Keep surfaces bare where possible. File letters the minute the drop through the door. Cleaning under clutter is also far more time-consuming than it would be if there were nothing there.

Wash up straight away

Just like clutter, leaving things on the side means the build-up is inevitable! Wash up once you’ve finished making a meal or baking. Or, even better, wash up as you’re going. Every time you finish using an item, clean it and put it away. This means that by the time you finish the food, you’ll be able to eat straight away.

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