Product Review: Tech Armor Power Banks 6000mAh and 12000 mAh external portable charger

As a mother of 6, you know there is no way it’s going to be a quiet car ride when we travel unless they all have their tablets. Road trips are fine and dandy up until one of their tablets runs out of battery. If we are in the car it can easily be taken care of, but when we are at the doctor’s office or at a school function I do not want the twins having a meltdown. I need to make sure I always have a charger to charge their tablets and that is where this awesome Tech Armor Power Bank comes in. I got the opportunity to review two Tech Armor Power Banks and I seriously don’t know how I managed to live without these two chargers!

I absolutely love the quick charge it provides for my cellphone and even more so how quickly it charges my sons tablets. It is super easy to tell how much charge you have left with these power banks because it has 4 blue lights that are lit up when you have a full charge and as the charge depletes the lights go out so you can tell when you need to recharge the power bank.

I have owned other power banks and they did not fully charge my Samsung Galaxy S4, but the Tech Armor not only fully charges my cell phone it still has juice left to charge my child’s tablet. I have even charged my cellphone and my son’s tablet at the same time and the Tech Armor had both of our electronics charged and ready to go in no time.

The Tech Armor activepower 6,000 mAh external battery portable dual USB power bank is a little smaller than a can of soda and can very easily fit in your pant pocket or purse. The size of it makes it easy to carry around. The built in LED flashlight helps when you need to find something quickly. I like that there are no sharp edges to this charger and the soft feel to it makes it pleasant to carry around. I also find this power bank very easy to use that my kids have no problem hooking their tablets to it when needed.

The Tech Armor 12,000 mAh external battery portable dual USB power bank is just as great as the Tech Armor 6000 but with way better juice. This little baby right here kicks butt and does great charging my twins tablet and my cell and my oldest iphone before it needs to be charged again. This Tech Armor is about the size of a deck of cards but a little bit more wider. It can feel a little bit heavy since it weighs 8.5 oz but the power this baby packs makes it so worth it. My teenage girls love taking this one with them because they know this external battery will charge their iphones a few times before they need to go recharge it.

These two Tech Armor Power Banks blew through and surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend buying one of these power banks especially if you plan on making any trips. I know what I will be giving my technology obsessed family members for Christmas!!

The Threats Facing Your Home and How to Combat Them

Every homeowner faces certain threats that you should know about and understand how to combat. Below, you will find a list of threats that you will probably face as a homeowner.


Floods are happening more regularly than ever before. Anyone who lives somewhere that is geographically vulnerable to floods that occur as a result of heavy rain should prepare for this. And this is even truer if you live near a river because it could break its banks. You should have some sandbags on your property that you can put in place if a flood is on its way. And you should also have some bricks or concrete blocks that can be put under furniture to lift up furniture if your home gets flooded.

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Some places are at particular risk of storms. Of course, storms can occur anywhere, and you should be prepared for them. But you should be especially prepared if you live somewhere that has a history of strong and dangerous storms. Out weather is becoming more volatile each year, so it’s important to get prepared now so that you don’t get caught out. You can do this by keeping the roof in good condition and having window shutters that you can use when a storm does hit. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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No one likes to imagine what would happen if someone tried to break into your home. You should make sure that you keep your home secure so that this doesn’t become a reality. If your home is a soft target for criminals, you are taking a big risk. So, keep your doors and windows secure at all times. And you could even install a series of alarms that will protect you in all kinds of instances. A modern burglar alarm combined with a driveway alert system should help you keep your home safe.


There is a risk of fire no matter where you live. Any home that uses electronics and appliances in the home is at risk. Of course, most people will never experience an electrical fire. But it only takes one faulty appliance for a fire to be started. And then there are things that can happen as a result of human error. So, you need to have at least two or three smoke alarms and maybe even a fire extinguisher nearby. You should also have routes out of the home in the event of a fire starting.

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Yes, this is a real threat to your home, and it can affect it in many ways. Homes become more damaged over time, and that means they present homeowners with more problems. You have to make an effort to maintain the home more than ever before when it’s getting older. So, make sure that you inspect it regularly and act quickly when you find any problems. Things will only get worse and more expensive to fix if you don’t treat problems with your home as soon as you find them.

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22 Ultimate Hacks For Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’re somebody that loves a clean home. Yet with children and work, your home can all too often become a mess. Worse still, some jobs just never get done, no matter how hard we try.

That’s why I am writing this article. It’s a guide to some of the most innovative ways to keep your home clean this spring. We all want a clean home, so let’s make it happen.


Oven Spritz

Ovens have a reputation for being the hardest cleaning job anywhere in the house. Food spills out of baking trays and onto the oven floor and then gets burnt on during cooking. You may have tried and failed to clean a dirty oven in the past. But there is hope.


Try this: spritz burnt food with some ammonia solution. Then straight afterwards, sprinkle on some baking soda and some vinegar. It should start gently bubbling. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then attack the dirt once more. This time, it should come up with a simple scrub with a sponge.

Go Lint Free

Some surfaces, like mirrors and computer screens, require lint free cloths. But what is a lint-free cloth? Essentially, it’s just a cloth that doesn’t give up any fluff when used.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know this, so they end up using regular cloths and wondering why their stuff gets ruined.

You can safely use lint free cloths on delicate surfaces, like mirrors, and get them to dazzle.

Use Textured Sponges On Worn Out Sweaters

Have you ever gotten annoyed at all those little pills that dot old sweaters? Well, don’t sweat it. You can use a textured scrub sponge to remove some of them from worn out garments in no time.

Employ Mayo

Using mayonnaise to clean might sounds like a contradiction in terms. But mayonnaise has some surprising uses.

Florists use mayo to buff up the top leaves on their plants to make them more attractive. If you’ve got a pot plant, that needs tidying up, rub it down with soap and water. And then apply a dab of mayo to the tops leaves with a cloth. It’ll brighten the whole thing up. Strange, but true!

Sort Out Grime Ridden Grouting

Grouting is that white stuff that keeps water from your shower getting behind the tiles. Well, have a closer look at it. Is it grimy? Probably.

There’s a simple solution. Mix a quarter cup of household chlorine with a couple of pints of water and then, using a brush, apply to the grouting. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then scrub it again and rinse. The dirt should come right out.


Iron Damp Clothes

Most people wait until clothes have dried before ironing. But leaving them slightly damp actually helps iron out creases in fabrics. Save time on ironing by doing the toughest jobs as soon as the clothes come out of the dryer.

Institute A VIP Laundry System

You may have noticed that some items of laundry have a higher priority than others. The kids’ PE kit springs to mind.

Having two separate laundry baskets, one for urgent items and one for the rest can speed the process on a bit. Critical items get done first, followed by regular items. Easy.

Use Toothpaste To Clean Unsightly Stains

Coffee and tea can cause your mugs and dishes to become stained. But, despite popular opinion, the process is not irrevocable.

Just as toothpaste is good for cleaning tea and coffee stains off your teeth, so too is it good at removing the same stains from crockery. Put a dab on a sponge and scrub it off.

Use Salt On Butcher Block Counter Tops

Butcher block countertops have a reputation for becoming stained beyond reproach. Often the only way to resolve the problem is to sand them down and then resurface.

But sometimes a grimy counter top can be fixed using regular table salt. Cover the affected areas with table salt, and then dab them with some lemon. Leave to soak overnight.


The next morning, drop a small amount of weak hydrogen peroxide solutions onto the stains and rub in with wool.

Say Goodbye To Squeaky Floors

If your wooden floor has cracks, it’s likely that they make an awful squeaking noise when you walk over them. There is, however, a way to avoid this. Pour baby powder into the cracks in your flooring. Then sweep away any excess.

The powder will act as a kind of lubricant between the wood and keep that awful squeaking noise at bay.

Use Washing Up Liquid On Carpet Stains

Every household at one time or another has had to deal with a carpet stain. It might seem like magic, but a rapid response with washing up liquid can stop carpet stains in their tracks. Time is of the essence, however, so it’s vital you act fast.


Get some washing up liquid and mix it with water. Then use a clean cloth, soaked in the solution, to blot the stain. Eventually, the stain should lift out of the carpet and onto the cloth.

Then simply use a damp sponge to lift any remaining washing up liquid from the carpet and pat dry with a cloth. Disaster averted!

Use Your Dishwasher To Its Full Potential

Dishwashers have a misleading name. Just because they’re called dishwashers doesn’t mean that they’re only suitable for dishes. You can put anything in them.

What about that grimy toothbrush holder in your bathroom? Bung it in. How about that grotty pacifier? Bung it in as well. In fact, you can toss everything, including the dog bowl, into the dishwasher and let it do the hard work.

Get In The Professionals

Sometimes certain jobs call for the professionals. Companies like Simply Maid often use tricks that have been passed down through the generations.

Getting in the professional cleaners when you need a mega blitz can help you get back on top of your household cleaning. Usually, professional companies notice things that you didn’t and get to work on them straight away.

Use A Towel Radiator

Towel radiators are an amazing, but simple invention. Simply put, they’re a radiator for hanging towels. And they solve that age-old problem of towels getting smelly between washes.

If you don’t have a purpose built towel radiator, you can always use a towel rail on an existing radiator. Just make sure that you properly fold your towels so that they have as much space to breathe as possible.

Keep Clothes Fresh

Have you ever opened your towel cupboard and smelled something a little musty? Well, it could b that all your folded sheets are getting a bit damp.

No matter. Just leave an open tub of baking soda nearby. It will work a lot like those little sachets of silica do when you buy a new product. It will collect all the moisture and keep your folded linen fresh.


Use Toothpaste On Faucets

Faucets, like grouting, can get a little grimy. Not to worry; toothpaste to the rescue again. Rub a bit of toothpaste into a cloth and then scrub the tap. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get it sparkling again.

Leave Muddy Boots To Dry Out First

Wet mud tends to be harder to clean than dry mud. So leave freshly muddied boots on the porch to dry out.

Once they’re dry, so too will the mud that came in with them. Just sweep it out of the porch and be done with it.

Use Wet Gloves For Pet Hair

If you’ve got a dog, you’ll have noticed that it’s fur gets everywhere, no matter how often you clean.

But again there is an elegant and straightforward solution. Once you’ve finished washing up, keep wearing your damp gloves. Then run your gloves all over the surfaces where your pet have been.

You’ll find that the hair just sticks to the gloves, and you can dispose of it quickly. Doing this each time you wash up will allow you to stay on top of the problem.

Freshen Up The Microwave

Microwaves can quickly become smelly. It’s the combination of food splattering everywhere and a damp environment. Not great.

But there is a solution. Put some fresh lemon juice in a bowl of water and set the microwave going for a couple of minutes until the inside is full of steam. Then wait a few minutes for the steam to work its magic.

Once all of the bacteria are dead, and the grime is loosened, use cloth and get all the dirt out with ease.

Get Rid Of Soap Blocks

Big blocks of soap in your bathroom create a nasty residue no matter well you clean. Save yourself a job and use liquid soap from a dispenser.


Degrease Your Kitchen Cabinets

Just like your oven and your extractor, your kitchen cabinets can get greased up. That’s because oil evaporates, gets into the air, and then goes everywhere.
Spend a little time degreasing cabinets with regular washing up liquid. Then just rinse and leave to dry.

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