7 Ways To Revamp Your Roof

One way to dramatically change the look and effectiveness of your home, is to focus on the roof. There are a number of things you can do to your roof to make your home a better place to look at and live in. These 7 tips will get you off to a flying start:

1.Clean It Out

Start by cleaning your roof. Make sure you take safety precautions when doing so, as this can be tricky and dangerous if you’re not careful. Where shoes that have plenty of grip and are not slippy. You can use things like temporary toe guards to make sure you don’t lose your grip on the roof too. You should also be aware of the right conditions to clean the roof in. Never start cleaning the roof if it’s wet!

2. Repair It

Your roof may have leaks and cracks that not only affect your home, but the look of it too. There are many DIY guides online that will help you to fix your broken roof yourself if you’re confident and have the things you need. If not, it may be a better idea to get a pro to do it for you. This is especially true when it comes to the safe removal of asbestos roofing. Never mess around when dangerous chemicals and things are involved. You won’t want to risk it.


3. Replace It

If your roof looks tired and has lots of repairs, then you could consider replacing it altogether. This will cost more but it could benefit you more in the long run. It could add lots of value to your home, as well as make it look more aesthetic from a kurb point of view. Not only that, it will insulate your home better.

4. Add Solar Panels

Solar panels aren’t just for treehuggers. They are great for the environment, yes, but they can also be great for your bank balance. They allow your home to produce some of it’s own electricity, saving you money on your bills.

5. Tidy Up Satellites And Aerials

Some people have an abundance of satellites and aerials on their roof. While you may not be able to do that much about these as the placement is really important, you could potentially tidy them up using things like cable ties. Just be careful!


6. Paint it

Depending on the type of roof you have, painting it could be an option. Before you start you’ll need to make sure the roof is clean, and that you have prepared it properly. This will depend on the type of roof you have. Select the right type of paint, and make sure you can paint it without walking all over it afterwards.

7. Insulate It

Maybe your roof is letting draughts in. You don’t need to replace it to make your home warmer. You can insulate it yourself or get a pro to do it. 25% of the heat lost in homes is through the roof. It only makes sense to ensure your insulation is up to scratch.

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