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Running a busy household can sometimes make you forget that it is also a place you want to show off. Your home can be the place where your creativity can shine through. It’s not just about being clean and tidy. Style has an important part to play as well. You don’t need to be an interior designer to think like one. Just a little time to consider the look of your home is all you need. You can create a style that all the family will love in your home:

The living room is probably the room that guests will spend the most time in. You and your family may also spend more time in here than other rooms in your house. This is the perfect room to add plenty of your own personality to. You can choose any one of thousands of colors that could form your palette. Then you can bring that color out on your accent wall, your drapes and your soft furnishings. Complete the look you want with a contemporary light fitting or radiator. Even the style of the couch could make a statement about your home.

The kitchen is another room where style matters. Your cupboards may be contemporary in style. Or maybe you prefer a shaker style kitchen? The appliances you select could also follow the theme you’re looking for. Kitchen worktops or countertops offer the biggest surface for you to color. As a simple addition to create a stylish kitchen, this will be the star of the kitchen. Add floor and wall tiles in the same or a contrasting color to create a fantastic look. Strong and bold, or sweet and light?

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Although it’s unlikely anyone but your family will see the bedrooms, each room should have its own style and personality. Picking colors you love is a big part of decorating a bedroom. You can always pick that color up in your drapes, rugs and bedspreads too. Your choice of furniture will play a big part in how your room looks. You might choose contemporary, high-gloss pieces. Or maybe a traditional pine collection of drawers and cabinets is more your style?

The flooring in each room will also go a long way to helping you define your style. Hardwood floors can look so elegant and elaborate. Carpets look softer and more inviting for a comfortable home. Then there is tiling and polished concrete. Flooring obviously goes far beyond being practical. A stylish floor can be further enhanced with your choice of rugs and standing furniture. Practical cabinets, stands, or even tall vases can help create the perfect look for each room.

Lighting is really important when you’re trying to create your own unique style. Natural light in the day can be directed to different areas of the room with blinds. Standard lamps, up lighters, spots and table lamps can help create focus in the room in the evenings. Light can be soft or harsh. Each will create a different effect that will help you style your room elegantly. Finally, the fittings themselves can help bring chic or fun into the room.

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agreed! sometimes we forget our home is a place to show our style and unique personalities and to not just clean it, but embrace it!

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