Oh how I miss his music

Oh man I have been thinking about and listening to a lot of Prince music lately. I don’t know if its because his 1 year anniversary of his death is fast approaching or what. I have just been listening to his music over and over again. I wish I had his musical talents and I could go to Guitar Center, recording king guitars and just pick up the guitar and jam like he did. I wish we could all still have him back and be able to listen to his wonderful music.

I am just hoping that someday they release the music that was in his vault and we are able to enjoy his beautiful music once again. I don’t think the world knows all his beautiful music. I think they just know the popular songs played by the radio. There is so many more songs that he wrote that were just as amazing. Oh I think I need to go listen to more of his songs and just relax as writing this is making me sad again.

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