product review: Polaroid 1080p HD Dash Cam PD-E53H

Have you been involved in an accident before where you had to argue who was at fault? I have had that awful experience and to think it could have been prevented if I just had a Dash Cam installed at the time. Now you no longer have to rely on he said she said or have to track down witnesses. You can buy the Polaroid PD-E53H 1080p HD Dash Cam and easily install it in your car for continuous loop recording. The Polaroid Dash Cam is made to be able to record an incident with its G sensor by automatically saving footage of collisions and incidents. The 2.0″ color LED display and 120 degree wide angle coverage makes it easy to record any incident.

The Polaroid Dash Cam also records audio if need be. This Polaroid Dash Cam accepts Micro SD/ Micro SDHC for you to keep track of any pictures you might need to take or any videos you want to keep track of. This Dash cam mounts easily to your windshield. The motion detection on the unit starts it when you start driving and turns off when your car goes off. I love that automatic sensor because I know I would forget to turn it on or off otherwise.

I wish I would have had this dash cam a few years ago. Now that I do I feel so much safer driving knowing that if I have another incident it will all be recorded and I wont have to argue what happened or need to find witnesses.

Now that my daughter is learning how to drive and will be getting her license soon, I think I will be ordering two of these dash cams for the front and back windshield of her car. If you are looking for a dash cam be sure to check out Polaroid’s PD-E53H 1080p HD Dash Cam.

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I received the Polaroid PD-E53H 1080p HD Dash Cam in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Please let this be the last of it

I don’t know what it is but we have been having a string of unfortunate events. I am so ready for the good luck and blessings to come. In December I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. I finally recovered from that and last Sunday we got rear ended. My back and neck and part of my head got messed up. The doctor thought it might be a concussion due to the whiplash. I have been dealing with that pain and if I didn’t feel shitty enough, I find out that my bank account was compromised. I have fraudulent charges on my account and my account has been frozen while they investigate and send me a new card.

We also got a ticket in the mail for being on the fastpass express lane on the freeway when I am pretty sure we changed lanes before the express lane started. I am so ready to have all these things be the end of bad and unfortunate events. My stress level is through the roof and I am sure that is not good for the high blood pressure that the doctor thinks I have. Which in turn reminds me that I need to schedule a physical for myself. I have already scheduled physicals for the girls, I need to get the boys and myself done too.

This past weekend was awful!!!!

This past weekend was not a great weekend for us. Our new car got hit as we are driving through the parking lot while going to target. The elderly man says he did not hear the horn and when he had turned to look before backing out he did not see any cars. we clearly honked and kept on honking and he kept on going. He then tells us that he is very forgetful and has been forgetting things. I am sorry but when you are past a certain age maybe you shouldn’t be driving if you are no coherent enough to know what is going around you.

We are having the insurance company take care of everything. To say I am bummed out is not saying much at all. To make matters worse I go to the store in the van and come out to see a huge dent on it and no note or nothing and now the srs airbag sensor is going off cause it is malfunctioned or malfunctioned after someone dented the car. I really hope the rest of the week is way better.

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