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Reprieve By A.E Woodward Book Review and Blog tour

Title: Reprieve

Author: A.E. Woodward

Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: September 29, 2015

My drug of choice was heroin.

Until they put me here against my will. 

At the time it was my only viable choice.

I preferred stumbling through life numb to it all.

But now I’m here, and every sound and every emotion is heightened to a level I never knew existed.

Then somehow, in a moment of weakness it became all about him.

He makes me feel things I never thought possible.

I thought he was my antidote, but it turns out that he’s just my new drug of choice.


There are many things we can be addicted to and there are plenty of people who suffer from one addiction or another. In this story we meet Teagan who is close to death because of her addiction. We learn just how far and how low Teagan has gone to get her fix. Asher was also an addict who somehow found a way to get over his addiction and now tries to help others get over their addiction if they want to. Can Asher be just what Teagan needs, Can he find a way to get through to Teagan? Can Teagan find a way to get past her addiction or are the skeletons in her closet just too much for her to bare ?

Let me start off by telling you that this story is not your typical romance story. Is it even possible to be able to find romance between an addict and a former addict ? In this story there are quite a few dark moments that have you holding your breath and praying and hoping for the best. What I loved about this story is that it provides you with the past and present time so you can fully understand what happened in Teagan’s life that got her to that moment. You start to understand Teagan more, or at least I did.

I thought this story was very well done. I could clearly picture everything in the story happening to someone and them going through all these motions and reading this story made it seem so real for me that for quite a few moments I would forget that it was just a story and it didn’t happen in real life. This author has a way with words that get you to feel what the characters feel and are going through. It makes it seem so real that you just get lost in the book and suffer and rejoice with the characters in the book. That to me makes for a very good book and that is exactly what this book was. It was a very good book, even through its dark moments and because of its dark and raw moments in time.

A.E. lives in Vacationland with her husband and two children. Between her real job and writing she finds little time to enjoy life’s finer things. However in the free time she does manage to steal, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and reading. A.E. is the co-author of CAUGHT and the author of Kismet, Working Girl and A Series of Imperfections: Imperfectly Perfect, Imperfectly Real, and Imperfectly Bad. Reprieve is her latest release.


Book Review : Working Girl By A.E.Woodward

My Review: When I started reading Working Girl, I said to myself that I was not going to get all caught up and worked up reading this book. I told myself that this time I would remain calm and not have a repeat of the reactions and sentiments that I did last time while reading A. E. Woodward’s other book Kismet. Well let me tell you folks that I failed miserably.

I could not help but get caught up in Pressely’s world. I felt sadness and desperation. I felt anxious but hopeful and the roller coaster of emotions went through me once again. The way A.E. Woodward writes, makes you feel it right to the bone. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and when you think certain things can’t be possible or you feel hopeful…BAM she throws a curveball or two that you never saw Coming!!!!

Sure you get the feeling of butterflies when you read about Pressley and how she likes this boy named Emerson. You feel even better when Emerson feels something for Pressley too. Everything seems like despite circumstances things can be different that what seems destined to be … But can it really? Is Love enough to change the way you grew up ?

I am thoroughly impressed and mesmerized by A.E.Woodward. She has become one of my favorite authors and whose books I would buy without thinking twice. I know she will deliver the feeling of rainbows and butterflies and skittles while swiftly kicking me in the gut when I least expect it!! If you ever want a book that will reach out and touch you and leave you with quite an impression get A.E. Woodward’s books. Start off With Working Girl and when you feel brave enough pick up Kismet!! Trust me you will never be the same after reading A.E. Woodward’s books!!

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About A. E. Woodward


A.E. lives in Vacationland with her husband and two children. Between her real job and writing she finds little time to enjoy life’s finer things. However in the free time she does manage to steal, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and reading. A.E. is the author of Kismet and A Series of Imperfections: Imperfectly Perfect, Imperfectly Real, and Imperfectly Bad. Working Girl is her fifth book.


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anything he wants and castaway

Here : Anything He Wants & Castaway Book Review

Book review: Secondhand Sapphire By Nicole Tillman

My Review: Sapphire has gone through some awful times in her life. She suffered the loss of her baby and went through a divorce. Sapphire has learned how to move on from the bad things in her life by cutting of men. Every year on the anniversary of her divorce, Sapphire and her friends go out and have fun and celebrate. This time it’s time it’s a little different, at the insistence of her friends Sapphire goes and talk to a guy she sees at the bar. Sapphire tells the guy that she is not interested in him and just came over to get her girlfriends off her back. Collin ( the guy Sapphire meets) teases Sapphire and ends up chatting a little with her and wants to get to know her better. Can and will Collin be able to heal Sapphire’s heart ?

As a person who went through an awful relationship before, I immediately understood where Sapphire was coming from. From the first few pages Nicole Tillman had my attention. This story felt very real to me because I could clearly understand how Sapphire was feeling. Although there were some moments where I felt that Sapphire could have handled the situation better, and I literally said WTF in my head .. it made for better reading. This book is not only a story of survival but also of hope and love and second chances. I am glad I had the opportunity to read this book and look forward to reading more books by Nicole Tillman

* I was given this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

Book review : No In Between by Lisa Renee Jones

* I was provided an ARC through netgalley for review purposes*

My Review: Like the synopsis says this is the 4th installment in the inside out series. There are other novella’s in between that help you understand the storyline better but aren’t necessary if you just want to read the full length books. No In Between starts off by Chris and Sara getting back to San Francisco from Paris. Sara needs to be questioned again since Ava has retracted her confession of killing Rebecca. Ava now claims that it was Sara and Mark who killed Rebecca.

Sara now knows just how bad Chris past demons can haunt him and she now knows more than ever that she needs to be Chris rock in his time of need just as much as he is hers. They both must face any adversity together and also help out Mark who seems to be lost or ready to lose it all.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse Bam!!! you are hit with a twist you weren’t expecting. Lisa Renee Jones keeps this series very interesting and I cannot wait until the next part of the series comes out. If you are interested in this book here is the order of this series :

If I Were You, Rebecca’s Lost Journals (a bundle pack which provides insight as Mark’s story develops but can be omitted without impacting enjoyment of the series), Being Me, Revealing Us, His Secrets (a novella providing the only contribution of Chris’ point of view), The Master Undone (novella in Mark’s POV; also available in the Rebecca’s Lost Journals e-book bundle), My Hunger (novella in Mark’s POV), No In Between, My Control (novella in Mark’s POV), I Belong to You, All of Me

My Control (novella in Mark’s POV), I Belong to You, All of Me are set to release at a later date.

Book Review: Bittersweet Deceit By Blakely Bennett

My Review:
Mrs Blakley Bennett has outdone herself. I was hooked on Blakely’s books from the moment I read Stuck in between, which was the first book in the Bound by your love series. Bittersweet Deceit is the second book in the series and believe it or not it is even hotter than the first book.

Bitterweet Deceit offers us a view into the heart of a thirty year old Lainie, who is in love with a man who cant give her everything she needs because he is married . While Mason can offer her passion and excitement, it is the lonely nights and moments after he leaves that make it hard for Lainie. Lainie vows to not utter the words ” I love you” to Mason until Mason leaves his wife but can and will Mason leave his wife?

Lainie has a great set of friends and among those friends is Stay who has always liked Lainie. He has tried to pursue Lainie but Lainie’s attention is elsewhere. Stay finds out why Lainie hasn’t paid much attention to him and he decides to show Lainie what she is missing out on. Can someone tell their heart what to feel? How do you know who you are meant to be with?

Bittersweet definitely made me feel some emotions I had locked away with a lock and key. How do you know if the person you love is the one meant for you? After reading Bittersweet I can easily tell 🙂

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Book Review : My Hunger by Lisa Renee Jones

* I was provided an ARC through netgalley for review purposes*

If you have read any of the inside out series you have to read my hunger. My hunger is Mark Compton’s point of view on things. In If I were you we learn about Mark who is the owner of Riptide, a very prestigious art gallery. Mark was involved with Rebecca who went missing and we later find out had been murdered. Just how much was Mark involved with Rebecca ? Did Mark ever love Rebecca or did he just want Rebecca to be his submissive ?

Can Mark ever change his ways ? I often wonder if anyone is capable of changing him. In my Hunger we find out a little bit more about Crystal who works for Mark’s parents at Riptide in New York. Crystal brings out some sort of emotions out of Mark but can she change him or is she even trying to be with him….. you will have to read this short novella to find out what is going through Mark’s head.

If you haven’t read the inside out series I highly recommend that you do. This series has everything you might be looking for in a book. I love books that have mystery, drama, love , passion and a little bdsm doesn’t hurt 😉

Too Much by Lea Griffith Blog Tour

Too Much Banner[1][1][1][1]


In Lea Griffith’s Loveswept debut, a novel that’s perfect for erotic romance readers, two lovers who have shared exquisite pain and unforgettable bliss find solace back in each other’s arms.

Jeremiah Copeland and Daly Edwards have a history. Even though he grew up a criminal struggling to care for two younger siblings, and she’s the pampered daughter of a power-hungry senator, they formed a bond that nothing could break. Only a lack of trust ripped them apart.

Seven years later, Daly has reason to believe that Jeremiah’s brother is in trouble. She reaches out to Jeremiah the only way she knows how: at his BDSM club, The Underground. But one look ignites a heat she thought had cooled forever. As Jeremiah takes control of her body once again, Daly quickly loses control of her carefully rebuilt world. Too much has never been enough between them, and as danger swirls in the shadows, Jeremiah forces Daly to recognize what has never changed: She still loves him. His command is that she return her heart—and he will make her obey.


Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance
June 10, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-553-39069-8

Domesticvixen’s Review: While I like romance novels, I also like a little action and drama to go along with my romance. Too Much delivers that and much more. I like books that capture my attention and keep me wanting to read more and more. I loved Too Much because I can easily understand how Daly felt. Love is wonderful, but it can also cause hurt and pain. How do we decide when or if we give love another chance ?

How do you heal yourself when you gave the other person all of you ? This adult story had me feeling some of the emotions Daly felt at the time. Is it possible to get over someone who you were so connected to ? I have often asked myself if it’s possible to let the one you love so much go and will the other person’s heart be breaking as much as yours. Long story short I loved this story and would recommend others to read it.

About Lea

Lea Griffith began sneaking her mother’s romance novels at a very young age, cutting her teeth on the greats: McNaught, Woodiwiss, Garwood. As she got older, her need to devour all genres of romance–including contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi—grew. Now, when she’s not working her day job, you can usually find her at her keyboard, using every spare second to write. She lives with her husband and three teenage daughters in rural Georgia.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr

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Book Review: A chance for love Boxed set : Broken Build,Hidden under her heart,Knowing Vera

One of my passions is reading. I love reading good books that are so expressive I feel like I am actually there witnessing everything that is going on. I love reading books that make me feel the emotions of the characters and that is exactly what I felt reading Rachelle Ayala’s books. The Chance for Love: Boxed Set of Dangerous Romance: (Broken Build, Hidden Under Her Heart, Knowing Vera) brings to you romance and danger, suspense as well as a happy ending.

In Broken Build you have Jen’s story. Jen’s life isn’t the best it could be and can’t help but wonder why all these bad things happen to Jen. You wonder will she get to be happy? Will she make things right ? I loved reading this story and couldn’t wait to get to the happy ending.

Hidden under her heart was quite touching for me. I felt quite emotional reading this story. I found it great for anyone dealing with difficult situations and having a guilty conscience about certain situations. Although it touched on certain strong mature ( rape ) subjects I still found it to be a great book.

Knowing Vera was alos a great read. They mystery behind Vera’s fathers death had me turning page after page to find out why her father decided to do what he did. I wanted to know if Vera was finally going to allow herself to be loved by someone and open up her heart to love too.

I loved all these full books. I am used to getting novella’s or short stories but these were full books in a boxed set!! If you order from Amazon these books are .99 cents right now. It is a great buy for full books. These stories are great and I love how they all tie into one another.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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