Busy busy and I stay busy

Our weekends sure are busy. We just finished the soccer games and we are packing to go to San Diego this evening. It is going to be a quick turn around trip. I will get to spend some time with my sister in law and we will be taking the kids to the zoo.

I am sure they wi,l be having lots of fun. I need to remember to pack my camera. I dont know where I will find the energy but i will have to find it somehow. I hope we can go out tonight and have a girls night out. Its been a while since I have just hung out with the girls and not will all the kids and hubby.

I cannot believe that in two days it will be halloween. I got two great costumes for the twins and I only paid 5 buscks each which is a bargain.

I can’t believe how those parents and kids acted

Oh my goodness my daughter’s soccer game was something else yesterday. I cannot believe the bad sportsmanship shown by the parents as well as the team members. I have never heard such foul mouthed kids and the parents encouraging it. Yeah our team my have lost 2-1 but our girls played fair and with respect not dirty like the other team did.

If I thought the game was bad the parents were worse leaving the parking lot after the game. They were talking crap to our parents even though we were in our home field and they were the visiting team. I am quite astonished at the way these parents were acting. I really hope this is the last time my daughter has to witness anything like that.

The house needs a whole new look.

I get into moods where I want to change everything in my life. I start changing the way the house is decorated. I start throwing out clothes that I dont want and just rearranging everything. Maybe its a way to feel in control of something ? I dont exactly know what it is.

I know that I am tired of the furniture we have. I want more modern furniture to make my house look more lively. We have the sofas my in laws gave their daughter who then gave it to us. I think its time for us to get new furniture.

I want a new bed that has memory foam on it. I bet it would do wonders for my back. I get such restless sleep at night.I bet alot of it has to do with our matteress. I just need to start getting new things little by little. That way I will fill up the house with new things.

A new Beginning

While trying to update wordpress I pushed a button or something that I wasnt supposed to and all my posts disappeared. All I could do was sit down and cry. How can I retrieve my posts? Are they gone forever? I guess all I can do is start from scratch and hope and pray that someone is able to help me find all my hard work. Although I doubt there is anyway to retrieve years of posts.

I was lucky to be able to retrive some of my post from 2007 but any other stuff I simply could not find. I am so heartbroken. I have wiped up my tears and I am ready to start over. I cant help but mourn some of the great times I had saved on my blog and now I have no record of it.

It really is hard to start sosmething over from scratch. I guess this is my new beginning.

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