Not the news I wanted to hear but better than nothing

My doctors appointment didn’t go as great as I wanted it to but it didn’t go as bad. According to the doctor my left eye improved a little it went from 20/70 to 20/60 so that is a tiny bit of improvement. Not the improvement that I want though. my right eye is still 20/25 which is good. I wish my left eye healed quicker or at least I can be able to use some glasses or get an enhancement so I can be able to read my books and be on the computer longer.

I love reading books and watching movies and not being able to do either is driving me crazy. I don’t know how long this doctor will wait until he is able to give me a pair of glasses to see good or until he is able to do another surgery on that eye. All I know is that it is beyond frustrating not seeing clearly. I was so used to being able to see good with my glasses that I am seriously regretting right now getting this surgery. I am not a patient person and even though the doctor tells me to give my eyes time to heal it is really hard for me to be that patient.

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