Herbal City LLC’s Healthy Alternative To Socially Unacceptable Tobacco

Guest post by Anna J

If you’re tired of getting dirty looks from non-smokers when all you want to do is relax with a cigarette, Herbal City LLC has the answer. Starbuzz E-Cigs have seven different selections, and none of the bad publicity traditional cigs have. When you go tobacco-free with E-Cigs you won’t be smoking glue and paper, plus there is no fire and ash to deal with. You can enjoy the taste of Starbuzz E-Cigs anywhere, and they fit in the palm of your hand.

Shaped just like a cigarette, E-cigs produce a flavored smoke-like vapor that satisfies the urge without turning your lungs black or upsetting any non-smokers you may be standing or sitting next to. E-Cigs are good for 500 puffs, and you can bet you won’t get that many out of one standard smoke. Starbuzz E-Cigs do contain a small amount of nicotine, but a mere12 mg spaced out over 500 puffs hardly even registers. For some, there is a ritual involved with cigarettes that includes watching the tip glow red while they sit and enjoy the moment. Relax, the LED indicator light at the tip of E-Cigs glows red when activated so the ritual is safe.

The only problem with Starbuzz E-Cigs will be deciding which yummy flavor to try first. Of the seven choices sold exclusively by Herbal City LLC, “Exotic Simply Tobacco” is available for you timid souls and for those that don’t mind a little experimenting, there are 6 more to try. Simply Mint, Pirate’s Cave, Blue Mist, Green Savior, Irish Peach, and Apple Doppio. Be brave and order some of each to find your favorite. You can’t beat the price and as long as your 18 years of age, order up and enjoy! Buy extra for your smoking friends, and offer them a healthier choice.

Save money through lower premiums

#1 Save money through lower premiums

Many Australian’s are very busy with their careers and lives in general to consider worrying about how to save money on their insurance. In fact many people do not even think this is possible. A perfect example is accepting the cover listed on our personal insurance policy without ever asking any questions, just presuming that is the price you should pay and believing there is no way it could be possible to get a better deal.

The first and most obvious question we should always ask is, “Do I need all the cover is listed on this policy?” It may be that you do need every item insured but in many cases that will not be true. But unless you do something about it you clearly are paying for something you don’t need. All it takes is some prudent trimming which will result in the cost of your premium being reduced. This means a saving to you, more money in your pocket and a chance to use that money to further increase your wealth.

So what is your plan of attack? Well first you begin by listing all the items for which you ado insure as stated on your policy. Then against each item you write either YES or NO, this being the answer to the question, “Do I really need cover for this particular area?” You could, if uncertain, write MAYBE and then review that particular item in more detail at a later time. But for every item against which you have written NO, you contact the insurance company and advise them that you wish to remove certain parts of the policy. The insurer will want your business and will almost certainly agree to your request. They have a lower liability and so will accordingly lower their fee; in short you will pay less.

This is a simple way of making money remembering that your bottom line is determined by the net combination of your income and expenses. If you can increase your income, naturally you should have more disposable income. However, you can still increase your disposable income without an increase in your pay packet simply by reducing your expenses and by removing some of the items in your personal insurance cover policy you will reduce your costs. Fewer expenses equal a better bottom line.

It may be that you are uncertain about one or more of the items on your policy. Asking for advice from your insurer comes with a warning. It’s a bit like going to a car retailer and asking them about buying a new car. They will naturally try and sell you one of the vehicles in their showroom. So finding independent advice could be the way to go. Choosi helps people compare Life policies through comparing various companies across a range of products

one hour screen time

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

I’m so sick of arguing with my son over screen time. We have a one hour limit of screen time in our home, and that includes computer, video games, and television. I believe kids should play, explore, and interact with their worlds, and not be plugged in to technology and passively experience life. My son, on the other hand, would like to stare at a screen all day if I let him. The problem is, it is hard to enforce that hour limit because he goes from device to device throughout the day, and I don’t remember how much time he has logged. Perhaps I should set up some sort of time sheet system, but even that sounds kind of hard to enforce. What would be really awesome would be if direct tv would come up with some sort of shut-off program where after your time is up, the tv won’t turn on again for 24 hours. That would be so nice, and end so many battles in our house over tv viewing and time.

New TV

Guest post written by Derick Burks

I got my husband a new TV for Christmas. I knew I would probably regret doing it, but he has wanted a new TV for several months and I did a lot of research online and found a great deal on a 55 inch flat screen TV. I also did some research online for satellite TV by searching “DirecTV Chesapeake”. I found that we could get a pretty good deal on satellite TV in our area, so I set it up so we would have it once I gave my husband the new TV. Unfortunately, all my husband wants to do now is watch sports. He watches ESPN every morning before he goes to work and every night when he gets home. I have to admit that I am enjoying watching TV at night. I have found a few shows that I enjoy, and since we got DVR as well, my shows never interfere with my husband’s sports shows. Of all the sports that he watches, it irritates me most when he watches golf. I think that golf is so boring to watch. He usually watches it on Sunday afternoons and ends up falling asleep while he watches it. I am glad he is enjoying his Christmas presents.

Out With the Old

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

Grrrr! Why am I mad you ask? Let me explain. I’m sipping my morning coffee while checking emails and Facebook this morning. I had a coupon for 30 percent off at The Gap so decided to click on over to their website and see if I could find something that struck my fancy. After all, it would be foolish to let a coupon go to waste! So, I found a few things that I decided I couldn’t live without, put them in my online shopping cart and proceeded to check out. Sounds like a great morning so far, right? It was until my internet went out! Again! This has been the norm lately and enough was enough. What’s a girl disconnected from the world left to do? Pull out her phone and use the internet from that. After almost going cross-eyed from searching for new internet providers on my 3 inch phone screen, I came across http://www.satelliteinternetbroadband.com/. Yes, please! I’ll take it! Now to get it and get back to my online shopping so I can use my coupon……

A new signature perfume for a new me

Guest post written by Misty Fallon

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years, so I’m ready to try and really renew myself. It’s really tough for me to think about living my life without him, but I’m welcoming it. I thought that now would be a really great time to give myself a mini makeover. I’m not ready to get back on the dating scene but I want to make sure that when that happens, I’m looking and feeling great about myself.

I used my San Francisco wireless internet to find some ideas on how to give myself a little mini makeover without a whole lot of trouble. I found one beauty blog that had a post about how putting on perfume can really change your mood.

I went perfume shopping and picked out a really nice smelling Guess perfume that just smells so great. I smelled it and it smells so much bolder than the perfume that I’ve been wearing for a while now, but not in an overpowering way. That’s exactly what I was thinking about for my new perfume.

Hot Summer

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

It gets really, really hot here this time of year. I’m talking cook an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot. I guess that’s what you bargain for when you move to Houston like I did. There are a lot of ways to deal with the heat here like going to Http://ShopElectricityRatesTexas.com or installing a really high-powered AC system but there are more fun ways, too. There’s lot of great watering holes just outside the city and tons of public pool that make it easy to cool off. At night there are a slew of great rooftop bars that sell frozen drinks to help you stay cool and if all else fails you can always go inside a museum for a day! I don’t really understand why people complain about the heat so much – it’s really a fact of life when you choose to live here so I’ve really grown used to it. I think I’ll be living in Houston for a long time so I’ve definitely got that great AC system!

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