Lasik “enhancement” … has me nervous

I am scheduled to have Lasik “enhancement” which is a fancy word for surgery again. I had lasik surgery last year and while my right eye healed good and I was able to see good, my left eye had problems from the start. It took forever for the eye to heal and adjust. Even now my eyesight with the left eye is at 20/30 I believe. I have what is called ghosting or shadowing which means that words have a little shadow to them when I watch tv.

My eyesight wasn’t that good to drive at night,so I was prescribed some glasses to see at night and when using the computer or watching tv or reading. After wearing the glasses for a while my eyes started to get a little dependent on them. I have been wearing glasses for a month or two now and while the prescription is not that high it still bothers me that I am back to wearing glasses again. The eye doctor decided that enough time has passed for my eyes to settle and is going to re operate on my left eye. I think my right eye might need another surgery too since it has regressed a little.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I am nervous as heck. I feel disappointed that I didn’t get the results I wanted the first time around. I really hope that this fixes the problem. Please pray and send good vibes my way.

Do I do it or not ?

I had a eye doctor’s appointment the other day and they eye doctor who did my surgery said that my left eye had changed enough for me to have an “enhancement” basically that is what they call doing laser surgery for a second time. What it means to me is that my right eye did what it was supposed to the first time and the left eye never got to the level of the right eye. My doctor had given me glasses to wear at night to help with the halos I saw and to hopefully help me see a little more clearer than I normally do at night. I noticed right away that it improved my eyesight for the right eye but not the left eye.

I cant help but feel a little scared to go for a second surgery. What if the second one doesn’t work either and it leaves me far worse than what my eyesight is now? I don’t know what to do. I feel torn between wanting better eyesight but not knowing if doing a second surgery on my left eye will improve it or make me worse that what I am now. I have a lot of decisions to make and of course I would have to go through the whole testing I did before I got the lasik surgery done. I got a little while to think about it so that is what I am going to do. I am going to give it lots of thought before I decide.

Not the news I wanted to hear but better than nothing

My doctors appointment didn’t go as great as I wanted it to but it didn’t go as bad. According to the doctor my left eye improved a little it went from 20/70 to 20/60 so that is a tiny bit of improvement. Not the improvement that I want though. my right eye is still 20/25 which is good. I wish my left eye healed quicker or at least I can be able to use some glasses or get an enhancement so I can be able to read my books and be on the computer longer.

I love reading books and watching movies and not being able to do either is driving me crazy. I don’t know how long this doctor will wait until he is able to give me a pair of glasses to see good or until he is able to do another surgery on that eye. All I know is that it is beyond frustrating not seeing clearly. I was so used to being able to see good with my glasses that I am seriously regretting right now getting this surgery. I am not a patient person and even though the doctor tells me to give my eyes time to heal it is really hard for me to be that patient.

This is why I have been quiet.

In case you are wondering why I have been so quiet lately, it is because I had Lasik surgery on Sept 26,2013 and my eyes haven’t quite healed yet. On my one day post op appt the Dr said that my right eye was healing beautifully but my left eye wasn’t healing as quick as he would have thought. He said my right eye was doing all the work and that is why I was seeing blurry. Days have gone by a week to be exact and I am still seeing blurry. For some reason when I go outside my eyes seem to focus way better and I am able to see a little bit more clearer but definitely not 20/20 vision like I was hoping. The dr put in some kind of tear duct implant on my left eye and said hopefully that would help but it hasn’t helped much.

I go back in tomorrow for my 1 week post op appt and I am hoping I get some solution to this blurry vision. It is quite hard to be online very much and I have to rely remembering what letters are on the keyboard and then having my daughter proof read everything I write. I am sure my girls are getting annoyed at having to read or sometimes write for me. I feel a little bit bummed out about not being able to see clearly right away and I am trying to have as much patience as I can. Lets hope the Dr can figure out why my left eye isn’t doing so good.

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