DJ… could you play that song…

Just when I think I am going to have a good week with no migraines or anything I start getting sick. Yesterday morning I woke up fine but as the evening came around I started with a scratchy throat which then turned into a sore throat. I already had a stuffy nose and that stuffy nose turned into a runny stuffy nose. I am so over feeling sick. I want to be able to go out and have fun like I used to.

My cousins were able to got to a street concert where all kinds of bands play in different areas around the block. My cousin was telling me about the awesome DJ’s out there and how he plans on getting his own equipment to further his skills and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that I could not be out having fun with them. I love all the enthusiasm that he shares with me about all the cool dj equipment he sees for sale and if things don’t get better for me health wise it might look like he will be the only DJ I will be seeing and it will have to be in my house!! I really need to boost my immune system and find a way to will my body to just get better. Hopefully some rest will give me some energy and help my body fight off this cold or whatever it is.

How Spiritual Are You?

Being spiritual isn’t all about speaking to ghosts and living your life surrounded by different crystals. Being spiritual as a way of life can actually mean you’re more in touch with your feelings, and the feelings of others. There are a few other signs too. Take a look to see just how spiritual you are!

You’re Happy Most Days

If you’re happy most days, then you might consider yourself pretty spiritual. You shouldn’t look for outside sources to make you happy though; not money, clothes, or makeup. Those things are nice, but true happiness comes from within you. Are you happy?

You Don’t Judge Others

Judging others is actually a huge representation of how you feel about yourself. If you find yourself judging somebody’s character or looks, then you can’t be considered very spiritual. It is very narrow minded to judge somebody, especially if you don’t know them. If you catch yourself judging and stop, you’re on your way to being spiritual.

You Appreciate Alone Time

We all need alone time to renergise and recharge our batteries. You should feel happy alone. You don’t need a partner to complete you or entertain you, you should be able to do this alone. It might take some practice to begin really appreciating your alone time, but it’ll benefit you in the long run. It all starts with loving and appreciating yourself as you are. You do things just for you. You eat well, you exercise. You have fun on your own!

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You Don’t Like to Argue or Fight

Arguing and fighting all stems from inner anger and unhappiness. It isn’t usually the actions somebody takes that upsets you. Nothing can upset you unless you let it. You can’t blame somebody for ‘making’ you feel something that you don’t want to feel.

You’re Interested in Astrology and Other Practices

If you’re interested in astrology and similar practices, you could consider yourself quite spiritual. Maybe you enjoy reading the daily horoscope for cancer. Obviously a generic horoscope can’t predict your future or life, but astrology can actually make a lot of sense when you look into it.

You Can Listen to Your Intuition

Being able to listen to your intuition is a big thing in spirituality. You do instinctively know when something is right or wrong, but the voice in our heads can often cloud it or silence it. If you don’t have much trouble listening to your intuition, you can consider yourself spiritual!

These pointers can indicate just how spiritual you actually are. There are many other things that can tell you whether you’re spiritual too. Maybe you are able to feel the pain of others strongly. Maybe you can’t bear to see homeless people, or animals being hurt. These are all signs you’re in touch with yourself spiritually. Most of all, spirituality is recognising that everybody has their own purpose to fulfil in this life. You know that even making a small difference to the world is a big thing. How spiritual are you?

Where do you look when you need a Water Heater ?

One of the most dreaded things for me as a homeowner is that when things breakdown I have to worry about them getting fixed. Long gone are the days when I could just call the the apt office or landlord and request maintenance. Now when things break down I have to get my pink tool case (yes, people I have a bright pink tool case and it is awesome) and try to figure out what is broken and if I am able to fix it.

There are a few occasions when there is simply no repair to be the issue, such as when my water heater busted. There was no way I knew how to fix it and so I had to call a repairman and hope that he could fix my issue. Unfortunately for me I need a brand new water heater. I wish at the time I lived in Indianapolis where I could have just looked up Indianapolis Water Heater and find it on the internet. Instead I had to struggle to find a good company to come and fix my water heater.

I like companies such as Coopers water conditioning where I can see the many different services they offer. If I need water conditioning Coopers provides it. If I need drinking systems Coopers company provides it. I love companies such as Coopers where they offer an array of services and products. Let me tell you that as a homeowner you learn to appreciate certain things and one of those things is the easy access to different services all in one place and like that of Coopers Water Conditioning.

Please let this be the last of it

I don’t know what it is but we have been having a string of unfortunate events. I am so ready for the good luck and blessings to come. In December I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. I finally recovered from that and last Sunday we got rear ended. My back and neck and part of my head got messed up. The doctor thought it might be a concussion due to the whiplash. I have been dealing with that pain and if I didn’t feel shitty enough, I find out that my bank account was compromised. I have fraudulent charges on my account and my account has been frozen while they investigate and send me a new card.

We also got a ticket in the mail for being on the fastpass express lane on the freeway when I am pretty sure we changed lanes before the express lane started. I am so ready to have all these things be the end of bad and unfortunate events. My stress level is through the roof and I am sure that is not good for the high blood pressure that the doctor thinks I have. Which in turn reminds me that I need to schedule a physical for myself. I have already scheduled physicals for the girls, I need to get the boys and myself done too.

Sometimes you have to quick solution it

Being a homeowner has its privileges and its pain in the butt moments. When it comes to home repair, those are the moments that I consider a pain in the butt. I usually try to repair things myself by looking for ways to repair it on youtube or I will go to found it here sites that have what I need to repair the tube under the sink.

I will shamelessly admit that I have ordered that putty that will stop any leak from the late night infomercial. I have quite a few times rigged things up with cable ties. Hey sometimes you got to work with whatever you have readily available to you. It might not always be a permanent solution but it sure is a quick temporary one until I can get a professional do it.

Not a day without it

There isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t some kind of drama going on with this family. I try to stay away from all the drama but my husbands family brings it all the time. I am cool as long as it doesn’t involve me or my children. If you mess with my children you better be ready for the momma lion that will come out of me. I do not play when it comes to my children. You can call me whatever you want, You can do whatever you want with your life but do not interfere with things involving my children. I will fight tooth and nail for my kids. If you want to know how to piss me off quickly , say or do something to my children and see if I don’t jump down your throat.

I hope for a while these people stay away from my house and from my kids. I do not care if they want to see their son. They are welcome to meet with him somewhere else but my house will not be the meeting ground for a while. I am so done dealing with these people. I wish my husband would put his foot down. If he wont do it I will for the sake of my kids. My kids will always come first in my book. We will see how long this craziness will last. All I know is that if they keep their crazy behavior they will no longer be allowed to be anywhere near my kids.

I don’t think it will solve anything

I keep trying to look for a job out here and it is slim pickings. My hubby keeps saying we should move again. He thinks if I look for a house for sale louisville ky might have more jobs than there are here. I am not so sure about wanting to move. He is the type of person who likes to move around every so many years. I am the type of person who likes to pick a place and stay put. It takes me years to get adjusted to a place.

I wish I was the type of person who was not so stuck in her ways. I tend to over analyze things and I have to have things set in order. I am thinking that I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to certain things in my life because I had such a unstable childhood. I also think that my hubby’s flighty attitude has a lot to do with his childhood too.

I think with his wanting to move and with my wanting to stay we are both not getting anywhere and I am still without a job. I am hoping this new year will bring me a job instead of having to think about relocating somewhere else.

I am so proud of them

My baby girl is getting ready to be in this year town Christmas parade. She did it last year and loved it and now she is going to be at the front of the line walking with her marching band. Although she wont be the one with the giant beat ride she will be either holding the banner or perhaps waving one of the flags. She wanted to be one of the people playing an instrument but this year she didn’t get to.

I cannot wait to see my baby girl shine. I love her enthusiasm and her never giving up attitude. Even though she is the shortest one in her class and most of the students in her grade she sure carries a lot of confidence and tries out for all the activities she can. I hope her free spirit continues on with her as she gets to high school. I love that she is carefree and doesn’t let anyone rain on her parade. Sometimes looking at her makes me wish I was as confident and carefree as she is. I am so proud of my baby girl. I am so proud of all my kids and each and everyone possesses a special place in my heart.

Christmas shopping here I come

Christmas is almost here and I need to get a move on when it comes to presents. My little guys are easy to shop for since all they want is toys. My nieces and nephews are a little bit harder to shop for. They want anything from a epiphone flying v guitar at musicians friend to an apple ipod. I told my niece that I have been wanting an ipod for myself for the longest time and I haven’t even gotten one. I want a tablet also but I am not holding my breath for it.

Every time I try to save some money to buy myself something nice, I either have to buy something for the car that is needed or fix something that has gone wrong in it or I have to buy a needed item for the house. I guess that is part of being a mom and a housewife. I must admit that at times I wish I could be a little bit more selfish and spoil myself.

I really hope I can find good deals on the things my kids and my nieces and nephews want and maybe have some extra money to get myself something nice this year.

I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out.

They say that when It rains it pours. I believe the saying is correct. I had all kinds of issues the week of Halloween. Thankfully I think everything is back to normal now. My van broke down at the most inopportune time but luckily I was able to apply from a credit card and was able to put the repairs on it. I worry about the van because I am the one who drives it the most and plus I have all my babies in there. I need to know that my van is in good condition to be able to drive my kids to school.

I still haven’t heard back from the city but I am hoping that the little bit of landscaping that the hubby did is enough for us not to get a fine. I cannot believe how picky this city is about landscaping … I guess that’s the joys of being a homeowner *note the sarcasm* and dealing with everything pertaining to it.

I am hoping I have a smooth November and December. I don’t think I can deal with much more stress than what I have already went through this month.

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