What family night activities do you do with your family ?

In our house there is always either music playing or someone singing. In some houses the families have movie night , game night and karaoke night, in our house we have all those. My children’s favorite time is when they get to sue a microphone and either really sing or lip sing to their favorite songs. Its quite easy to set up karaoke night if you want to have some family fun. All you have to do is buy a musiciansfriend.com xlr cable and microphone and set it up to your stereo system if it has a karaoke feature or buy yourself a karaoke system.

We love to have family nights in our home and feel its a great tradition we are setting up for our kids. I want them to grow up and remember all the fun times we had as a family and hopefully they will do the same thing with their families. For our family game night we bring out different board game and either decide as a family to play a certain game or set up stations for different games to be played at the same time. Do you have family night set up at your house ? What activities do you do with your family ?

DJ… could you play that song…

Just when I think I am going to have a good week with no migraines or anything I start getting sick. Yesterday morning I woke up fine but as the evening came around I started with a scratchy throat which then turned into a sore throat. I already had a stuffy nose and that stuffy nose turned into a runny stuffy nose. I am so over feeling sick. I want to be able to go out and have fun like I used to.

My cousins were able to got to a street concert where all kinds of bands play in different areas around the block. My cousin was telling me about the awesome DJ’s out there and how he plans on getting his own equipment to further his skills and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that I could not be out having fun with them. I love all the enthusiasm that he shares with me about all the cool dj equipment he sees for sale and if things don’t get better for me health wise it might look like he will be the only DJ I will be seeing and it will have to be in my house!! I really need to boost my immune system and find a way to will my body to just get better. Hopefully some rest will give me some energy and help my body fight off this cold or whatever it is.

Practice makes perfect

I find it hard to explain to my child why he isn’t as good as his sister when it comes to musical instruments. He struggles so much and even though he does good for being entry level he just doesn’t catch on as quick as his sister. I try to encourage him and let him know that practice makes perfect.

I am lucky that he keeps on trying and he hasn’t given up yet. I certainly can hear him improving even though he doesn’t quite hear the difference himself. He has had two recitals since he has started learning and he certainly has improved from the first time he played. I just hope he doesn’t get too discouraged and will want to quit. I think once he has had a few years practice he can be as good as his sister. I think that once you set your mind to it, you can do anything. He just has to keep on going.

It’s impressive how music gets recorded

I am one of those people who gets impressed easily and such was the case when I had the opportunity to visit a recording studio. Having children who play instruments can come with certain perks lol. What impressed me so much was the soundboard that produces the music and changes how the tunes will sound. I also loved the monitor that helps with the sound. I found the rokit which looked similar to the one in the studio and I am in awe I tell you.

I hope someday my children have the chance to record music in a studio as beautiful as the one we went to. I am so glad I had the opportunity to volunteer and go and be amazed as much as the kids were. I don’t know who was oohing and ahhing more. I hope I didn’t embarrass any of the kids with my enthusiasm. I was impressed at how much goes into making music and getting the perfect sound and recording. I will never look at the cd’s I play the same.

Listening to my children play always brings me good memories

This weekend my children participated in the cities Christmas parade. While I wish I could have heard a 5 neck guitar we heard some drums and some saxophones and flutes. We also got to see a couple of marching bands from different high schools. Listening to the marching band music versus the music played at the school recitals always brings me good memories.

I particularly liked seeing the different cheer and dace teams. I always thought my girls would do good in the dance teams but they only took it for one year. One seems to like choir more and the other ended up wanting to do more artsy stuff. I have always told my kids they could do whatever they wanted and I still believe that. I will always support my children on whatever path they choose to take. One thing I want them to know is that they can always count on their mom when it comes to anything they want to do or need advice on. My biggest and best accomplishment has and always will be them.

If you cant out right buy it, finance it

Do your children play instruments? I now have two kids learning how to play instruments and buying it outright can be a little bit expensive. I have no problem resorting to using musicians friend financing for the instruments my children want to play. I find that more easier and convenient than stressing myself out because I cannot get the instruments outright.

I figure if they are going to dedicate themselves to learning how to play an instrument and stick with it, I don’t mind the steep cost if I can make payments. I remember when the school used to provide the instruments but since budgets are tight they cant do that anymore. I am just glad they have kept the music program so my kids can learn something new.

I cant wait for the holidays

I love seeing my son’s enthusiasm towards learning how to play his musical instrument. I cant wait until the holidays are here and he has his first musical concert. I just love volunteering and help set up the stage for their first concert. My daughter has done the concert every year for the 3 years that she was there. For some reason she loved setting up and sitting down right next to the carr amps. I think she loved hearing the sound come out of the amps but I am not quite sure if that’s why she liked sitting there.

I just love having my children be so interested in playing musical instruments. I think it is a great opportunity for them. I am glad the schools have enough funding to keep the music department going. If there is one program I will keep helping, it is the music department. I really wish there was more funding for the schools. What happened to the lottery saying that they would be helping schools with money? I bet that was all a sham to get people to believe they were helping out.

I cant help but feel a little bit thrilled

School will be starting next month for my kids. In a way I am glad that they will be going back to school because even though I love my kids dearly my wallet does not. These kids want to be eating all day and night and every summer our food expense goes doubles or triples. I know it might sounds mean but when I got the notice for my kids to go and pick up their school packets a little part of me in my head said their will finally be peace and quiet for at least a few hours.

My kids were excited because they got to pick their electives. One of them wants to take music class so he can learn to play a new instrument. My daughter wants to take up golf…I had a total WTF moment when she told me but just went with it. My older son had been looking us all kinds of musical instruments such as the mandolin guitar center where he looked up all kinds of guitars. I love his enthusiasm but I don’t know how I will feel about the extra noise especially with these headaches I have been having.

I got one that will be graduating this year and is thrilled about going to college. I am just thrilled that the twins will get to go to school for the full day. I am hoping to finally get the house straightened and maybe get to take a college class or two. I can’t help but feel a little thrilled about the kids going back to school. My kids are looking forward to going back to school too.

My daughter is looking forward to high school and I am too

We had orientation for my second daughter. She is getting ready to go to high school and orientation day was to see what electives she would like to take and to see all the different programs the school offers. My child being the artistic one of course signed up for choir and cheer and drama and band. Anything involving music and she is there. If doesn’t matter to her if there isLimited availability.
I am sure if her school offered deejay training she would have signed up for that too. I am glad that she is enthusiastic about all the new electives and classes her school is offering but I told her to only sign up for things she is truly going to dedicate time for. I told her if her heart is not going to be in it then don’t do it and give others a chance to enjoy that spot especially if they are going to appreciate it and give it their full attention.

I am looking forward to seeing her perform this year. I truly love my daughters voice and I think all these years of choir have taught her a lot and her voice and singing keeps on getting better and better. I am going to try and record her singing and post it here so all of you guys can enjoy her signing too.

You are never too old to learn something new

My baby girl has continued with her singing. I am very proud of her for sticking to it this long. I happen to think she is very talented and can make it as a singer if she chooses to go through with practicing and continues learning how to control her tones and holding her notes. Before my daughter started singing and showing such enthusiasm in singing I could have cared less about musical instruments. I have learned more about musical instruments such as the hohner melodica in these past 4 years than I have in my whole lifetime.

I took violin lessons when I was 8 years old, but even then I don’t think I cared as much about it as my little girl does when it comes to music and her singing. I guess different kind of musical instruments go hand in hand with her singing. I am glad my daughter can teach her mom something new. It is amazing seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and the enthusiasm she shows makes me feel enthusiastic too.

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