Dealing With Your Home After Flood Damage

There are plenty of problems that can affect your property at any time. Natural disasters can strike anywhere anytime, and there’s no way of figuring out whether your home will be affected. One of the biggest risks to your property is going to be flood damage. This can cause chaos and carnage to any home, but it’s difficult to avoid it.

There’s a real chance that you may encounter some flood damage at some point in your life. The important thing to remember is to make sure you don’t panic. There are options available to you when facing any sort of water damage. Here are some of my suggestions for dealing with your home after flood damage.

Rip Out the Interior

If you have any kind of water damage, it’s going to affect the inside of the property. There will be quite a bit of damage that needs to be addressed. So the best thing to do would be to rip out the interior. You’re going to have to get everything out that’s been affected by the water. It might be worth getting in touch with Cenco Building Services as they’ll be able to deal with restoration work. You’re basically going to be gutting the interior, dealing with all the damage and then replacing anything that was ruined. This is a big undertaking, so it’s important to have professional guidance.

Use it as a Chance to Expand

It’s easy to get bogged down by the negatives when your home has been flooded. But you need to try to keep a positive outlook on things. And the way to do this is to make sure you look at the advantages. Think of this as a fresh start and a chance to expand your home and do things you’ve been planning for ages. There’s no better time than now to do this. You’re going to need some home restoration work done anyway. So use this as an opportunity to build any extensions or expansions.

Speak to Insurance Company

Hopefully, when you took out home insurance, you remembered to get the package that covered water damage! So now is the time to make use of this. You’ve got to get in touch with the insurance company, let them know what’s happened, and tell them you want to make a claim. If you are covered, then you should find the process is a smooth and simple one. And your claim will help to pay for a lot of the repair work you’ll have to do.

Sort Out Mold

One of the big threats to your home post-flood is going to be mold. This can be a nightmare for the inner workings of the building, and is a visual eyesore. So you’ve got to act swiftly to get rid of the mold. And a big part of this is going to involve drying out your home with things like dehumidifiers. You might also want to get mold removal experts in to deal with the more extreme cases. Moving forwards you have to make sure the walls are well insulated, and you use damp-proof paint.


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As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can deal with our home in the event of flood damage. The key is to make sure you’re decisive. The longer you leave the problem, the worse it’s going to get. You need to act quickly to help make the home more beautiful and repair any of the damage that the flooding has caused.

Review: 8″ Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic nonstick frying pan

Disclaimer: I received this product for review to facilitate this post. All expressed opinions are strictly my own.


I was always taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I always make sure that my kids eat breakfast before they start school and on the weekends we all sit down and have breakfast. Each of my kids like their eggs a certain way. When you don’t have a good frying pan, the eggs don’t always come out like they would like them to and it always became an issue with my kids. I bought and tried different pans but none were good enough for my kids.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the 8″ Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic nonstick frying pan. I of course couldn’t turn down this opportunity especially when the pans I have weren’t cooking my kids eggs very well. The biggest test for me was if the frying pan was indeed nonstick and if their eggs were cooked well and evenly. My daughter’s omelet came out just how she likes it and she was the first one to say mom I love this pan. I cooked ground beef on this pan and I felt just like my daughter did. I was in love with this pan and it has now become one of my favorite go-to pans.
ozeri frying pan

One of the things I hated about my other pans was when it came time to washing them. I hated having to scrub and scrub to get all the food off of my other pans. I hated all the food that would get stuck to it. I didn’t have to put much effort to get the Ozeri clean. The food didn’t stick to this pan and I was very easily able to get it clean.
Last but not least let me just say that I love the lime green color to my pan. I am very easily able to find it among my other pans because of its beautiful and bright color. Having a good pan is very important when you want to cook your food quick and evenly. My family and I are very glad we got the opportunity to try out the Ozeri frying pan. I know my daughter is the most happiest because she can finally have her omelets just the way she likes them. I am glad because I don’t have to struggle when it comes to cleaning this pan. I have constantly used this pan and it still looks and cooks like it did when it was brand new. This Ozeri frying pan has become a must have in my kitchen.

ozeri frying pan 2

Campusbookrentals is the way to go for us

Time is going by too quickly for me. In less than two years I will have a child in college. Yes you read that right she will be in college. I would be lying if I said I am not worried about the costs that comes with a child going to college. In case you are new to my blog, I am a mother of 6 kids so that means I have to be prepared to send 6 kids to college and preparations start early around here. You better believe I am already looking for ways to be able to afford college for her and the college books she will need.

One of the ways my daughter and I can save money is by using campusbookrentals My daughter can rent the books she needs rather than spend tons of money each semester buying the books she will need. Just by renting the books rather than buying them my daughter can save anywhere from 40-90 percent off bookstore prices. If you have gone to college you know that a college book can cost anywhere from 60.00 to 200.00 or more and that’s putting it mildly. I didn’t have the option of being able to rent books when I took a couple of courses in college. I had to either buy new books at retail price or hope and pray that I could find the books I needed in the used college books section. If I was lucky enough to beat out the other students looking for a deal too, I had to hope and pray that the books were within my budget.

Luckily for my daughter she can use the Rentback program if she does end up buying some of her college books. If we have to pay retail price for some books we can at least get some of the money back by having other students rent out the books. My daughter could always sell back the books to campusbookrentals but if she uses their new rentback program she can make 2-4 times more money that way. I had my daughter check out this video and she was beyond excited to try it out when the time comes. She was also excited to go through a website like this one because campusbookrentals donates to operation smile with every book rented. My daughter is big on giving back to the community and will gladly help out or participate and go through any company that is willing to pay it forward to other communities or charities or programs. I am so glad to have raised such a good kid who doesn’t mind finding ways to help out other people or doing things that save us money.

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