How to Keep Your Home as Clean as Possible

Keeping the home clean can often seem like a huge, insurmountable task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can keep your home as clean as possible at all times.

Don’t Walk Away from Mess

It can be tempting to simply do one big clean at the end of the week rather than doing it as you go. But, if you ask me, that’s the wrong approach to take to cleaning. It always makes much more sense to clean up as you go rather than letting it all build up and then cleaning it up further down the line.

As soon as you spot something that needs to be cleaned up, you should do it. This will probably only take a minute and will save you from having to take on a huge task at the end of the week. Alternatively, you could dedicate 15 minutes or so at the end of each day to cleaning up any mess.

Do a Post-Cook Clean

Cooking for the household can be messy. And I know the last thing you want to do when you’ve been slaving over the oven is to clean up all the mess you’ve made once you’ve finished eating. It’s really annoying. But you don’t want all that food, liquid and grime to crust over and become even harder to remove.

There’s nothing worse than trying to remove dried on grime and grease from an oven, so it doesn’t make sense to ignore the problem until later. It’s much better to get it done quickly. One solution you could use is to have an agreement whereby one person does the cooking, and someone else in the house does the cleaning afterwards.

Be Sure to Disinfect Surfaces

Of course, it’s never going to be possible to get rid of every germ in your home, it’s just not realistic. And most germs won’t cause any problems anyway, so it’s not necessary to stress over it too much. But the germs that do cause harm can cause very serious problems indeed, and that’s why it’s good to disinfect surfaces.

This is especially important for surfaces in the kitchen that are regularly used to prepare food on. You don’t want your food to be infected by germs on the worktop because they’ll then be consumed by the family. Cavicide is a form of strong disinfectant that is good at getting rid of germs on surfaces.


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Pay Attention to Glass

Any glass you have in the home is particularly vulnerable to grime and dirt, so you need to do everything you can to keep it clean. If you have a family, you will no doubt notice all the hand marks and fingerprints that inevitably end up all over the windows and patio doors. It’s annoying, but it’s pretty easy to deal with.

All you need is some paper towels and a good glass cleaning product. There are plenty of sprays you can find from retailers that are specially designed to clean glass properly. Don’t go for the big branded ones though, the cheaper options do the job just as well at a fraction of the cost.

Super Tips For Increasing The Value Of Your Home

When it comes to our homes, most of us are pretty house-proud. We want our houses to look good. Lots of us love it when visitors comment on how clean and tidy and lovely our homes are. Of course, we work hard for it to be this way every day! But is a clean and tidy appearance enough to maintain the value of our homes in an unsettled market? And what can we do to make sure we’ve got the best house on the street?

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, then you want to make sure you can command the top price for your property. That isn’t easy to do, especially if your neighbours have their properties on the market as well. Your property needs to have unique selling points that they cannot compete with. And your home needs to be better.

Improvements and updates are key to getting the best price possible for your home. Simple ideas like keeping on trend with your decor may not be enough. Your home needs to demonstrate all that is desirable in a property. That includes the facilities and features of your home. A new kitchen with all mod cons is expensive. But you could add one or two additional features to give your house the competitive edge.

Desirability is important. Perhaps you could install air conditioning to ensure your home is considered comfortable in all weather. Do you have a usable outdoor area? Lots of people enjoy dining and entertaining in their garden. It might be worth asking a landscaper to do some work to create an attractive outdoor area for your home.

Additional bathrooms are also highly desirable and can add real value to your home. If you have a house, consider a downstairs bathroom. A master ensuite can also be attractive to a potential buyer. You need to sell the lifestyle they desire. But of course, it all depends on the type of property you have.

Image from

Speak to your real estate agent about the homes in your neighbourhood. There will be a ceiling price for the type of property you own and the neighbourhood it is in. Reaching this price is your goal. But if it costs more than you will make to improve your home, you might want to reconsider your options.

Decorating, cleaning and decluttering costs almost nothing so this is always the best place to start. Building an extension or outbuilding will cost a lot, so check with the agent that it would add sufficient value to the property. After all, this is an investment for somebody. You might also want to consider the time and trouble of installing something new if you’re not going to make good use of it yourself too.

Finally, you will need to consider the market. If now is not a good time to sell, then perhaps you ought to wait a while until the market picks up. You need to have a lot of buyers interested in your type of property to get the best price for it after all. Good luck with the move!

How I Treat Illnesses Without Breaking The Bank


image via pixabay

In my house, everyone gets sick from the adults to the children. It is like a vicious cycle because when one us gets ill, the other tends to follow. I hate feeling crappy, but it breaks my heart to see the kids feel so down. They normally bounce around the house without a care in the world. So, you know they are not feeling well when they don’t have their same enthusiasm. Over the years, I have come to find out that health care costs are not cheap. And, due to my thriftiness, I have come up with a few ways of paying for healthcare without breaking the bank. For all you parents out there, some of the tips below are a lifesaver!

Listen To The Good Doctor

Well, listen to the doctor as long as they are properly accredited. The last thing you want to do is take medical advice from Doctor Who! All joking aside, it shocked me to learn that twenty percent of patients didn’t fill out a prescription when they went to see the doctor. From my point of view, the doctor is the only person worth listening to when the kids or I feel sick. Plus, what’s the point in going to the doctor in the first place?

Try And Get A Discount

However, it is worth noting that some people cannot afford the prescription, which is a serious matter. I know that it sounds a bit cringe, but you can always ask for a discount. Doctors tend to take matters like this seriously, so they will help you find a way. At the end of the day your health is their primary concern, not their bank balance.

Also, some prescriptions offer discount cards or coupons, like Xarelto. If you are suffering from deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism, this drug is essential as it thins the blood. Consequently, it stops it from clotting and relieves the pressure. By applying for a Xarelto coupon, you can get up to seventy-five percent off your prescription in some cases.

Head To The Supermarket

Asking for help is not easy, and I totally understand if you cannot bring yourself to ask. Pride does work in mysterious ways. Still, there are other alternatives. Supermarkets are a great source of prescription drugs because they can sell them over the counter. Even better, supermarkets can subsidise the costs against the entirety of their stock, which lowers the price. Even if you can afford the prescription at the doctors, you might want to check the supermarket shelves first.

Read Your Bills

According to the MBAA, almost eighty percent of medical bills contain errors. Obviously, you are not to know if you don’t check your bills thoroughly. Never be too trusting with regards to money because even the experts get it wrong on occasion. If there is a discrepancy, you want to solve the problem as soon as possible. Even the smallest charge can add up, especially if it is over a long period.

Hopefully, all my readers will find these as cheap as they are effective!

My 4 Step Guide to Mending Things in the Home


Image Source

As homeowners, we have to accept that there are things around the place that will need mending. This is part and parcel of having a home. It also means you need to take action to repair these things as soon as possible. Use my four step guide to mending things in the home.

1. Figure Out What Needs Fixing

The first thing on my list is going to be figuring out what needs to be fixed. Now, I have no doubts there will be plenty of bits and pieces in and around the home that need to be fixed. It might be furniture, or it could even be a part of the property. Whatever needs repairing you need to go and seek it out. And you need to make your own list of things that need to be fixed. Because you’re going to use this to tackle each mini project and repair any problems.

2. Work Out How to Fix

After you figure out the what, you need to address the how. It’s one thing knowing what needs to be repaired. But it’s quite another actually figuring out how to fix it. You might need to do some research by going online and checking out instructions. Now doubt other people will have been in your position. And there should be plenty of tips for how to repair particular things. Make sure you understand this, so you increase your chances of success.

3. Do the Repairs

Once you know how to fix something it makes it a lot easier to actually start repairing it. Now, I would recommend you try to follow some sort of guide or instructions for whatever it is you’re trying to fix. You also need to consider what you’re going to use to fix it. It you’re trying to join some things back together you should buy epoxy resin and use that. However, you might have something that needs to be welded or nailed together. So you need to have the right kind of tools and materials to carry out the necessary repairs.

4. Trial and Error

Bear in mind that not everything you try is going to work right away. There might be some repairs that work for a little while but ultimately fail. But, this is where trial and error very much comes into play. You need to try new things and not be afraid to experiment. Some things can be fixed by adhesive. Others might need a hammer and nails. You don’t know until you try, so make sure you do whatever you can. And be prepared for the fact that some things won’t necessarily work. It’s a process, and you need to treat it as such. It’s no good beating yourself up over something like this.

As you can see, mending anything in the home is certainly a process. It’s something that can take a while to do, but it’s important. There will almost always be something in and around the home that needs fixing. So you have to make sure you do whatever you can to repair it. My four step guide should put you in the perfect position to do this.

My Handy Tips For Picking The Perfect Household Appliances


picture source

I don’t think I am wrong in saying that most homeowners rely on electrical goods to make looking after the house easier. In fact, if you are anything like me, you probably rely on them too much! But, how can you not when they do such a great job? The perfect appliance will save you time and a lot of money and transform the house into the perfect home. Seriously, I think they are that important.

Consequently, that makes choosing the correct home appliances much more important. If the standard is not right, you won’t reap any of the benefits. Here are a few of my handy tips for choosing correctly.


Over the years, I have come to realise that you cannot trust the word of the manufacturer or the supplier. Naively, I assumed that they couldn’t lie to you because it is against the law. However, what they can do is bend, and they do it so effectively. As a result, I don’t care what they say anymore because I am more concerned with the customer’s opinion. Now, I ask friends or family about a certain product and the quality. Also, I go online and check forums to give myself a wider base of opinions that allows me to make an informed decision.


Some products will come with certain awards and certificates that are very important. For example, if you are buying a boiler you should check whether it is on the Gas Safe Register. The GSR is a tool that the government uses that allows you to tell whether the boiler is up to a specific standard. Quite simply, the Gas Safe Register is a government scheme, so you know that a company who is registered is not going to rip you off.


Companies and watchdogs like Which? hand out awards for the best appliances on the market. A Haier refrigerator award, then, tells you that Which? believes Haier is a quality product. Of course, companies like Which? are not the be all and end all when it comes to quality. But, they do have a great reputation, and they do put the needs of the consumers first. Not too many other companies can claim that title, which is why lots of customers take their word seriously.


Electrical appliances have a short lifespan, which is not a good thing. Because they are also expensive, it means it will cost you a fortune to replace every appliance that breaks. Put it this way – I don’t think I have the money! Luckily, there is another option. I like to buy products that I know are very durable, even if the initial cost is higher. In the long-term, that durability will save you thousands of pounds. Plus, you never want to get rid of an appliance that is quality and cost effective.


Environmentally-friendly products don’t just save the Earth; they save your bank balance too! The less energy that an appliance uses, the less it will cost in energy consumption. When appliances like fridges run all day, that can soon make a big difference.

Trust Me, These Areas Of Your Home Need Constant Attention

As the winter weather is getting nearer, it is always a good idea to do a few checks around the house. The last thing you want is rain flooding through your house in the middle of the night. Most readers might be thinking that their houses are perfectly fine. Are you sure? I know that I had the same attitude until a very wise and noble friend pointed out otherwise! As it happens, I found out that there are areas of my house that need constant attention, yet I never think twice to look. The odds are you do the same, too. Here are a few places that might need addressing before the autumn turns to winter.

The roof is such a big part of the property. I mean, along with the walls, it is what keeps the outside firmly outside! Although it plays such a big part, we don’t tend to look at the roof because… well, it is hard to view. As it is on the top of the house, you need a ladder and some big cojones to start scaling the roof. Still, you cannot afford to take the risk. My advice is to get in touch with residential roofers for hire. Their expert option should give you all the information you need, and you don’t have to put your life at risk. They will do that for you!



The Foundations

Poor foundations are often an unmitigated disaster. Seriously, I looked into property foundations a little bit, and I was astonished at what I found. It will cost you a fortune if you don’t start doing the right maintenance work. And, when the signs appear it is hard to stop. If you have cracks in the walls, uneven floors or your home is subsiding, you are in trouble. All you can do is look for the warning signs and then act as quickly as possible. Maintaining the foundations of your home is all about being proactive and minimising the damage.

Cupboard Under The Sink

I use the sink at least ten to fifteen times a day. I never thought about it before, but that puts a big strain on the pipes. From time to time, I will throw some bleach down the drain to clear out the pipes. Still, I don’t physically look at the state of the pipes for signs of damage. If you are the same, that can be a big mistake. Any leak will cause water damage, and water damage can lead to bigger problems. Moisture is a great place for bacteria and is often accompanied by mould. Once you have mould, good luck trying to remove it. Simply run the tap and check for any leaks.




Everyone knows about the gutters. They need cleaning on a regular basis, especially in the autumn and the winter. How often do you clean them, though? Too much debris in the gutters will cause them to break and overflow. That can damage the exterior of your home and cost you a fortune to redecorate.

There’s a lot to take care of, but it is all necessary!

How to Make Your Home More Idyllic

Everyone wants a relaxing and idyllic home, so if yours isn’t up to scratch, try these ideas out.

Ventilate the Home

It’s hard to make your home feel peaceful and idyllic if it isn’t properly ventilated. This is especially a problem if you have pets in the home because they can cause the place to smell bad if it isn’t ventilated. You can also cause mould to grow on the windows if the room isn’t ventilated, so don’t make this mistake. Ventilating the home can be as simple as opening more windows in the home and letting in more fresh air. It will make the home feel a lot fresher and cleaner, so give it a try.

Make Technology-Free Zones

Technology can often seem to be taking over our lives. Everywhere we turn in the home there’s a TV or a games console or some other kind of device staring at us. It can get a little overwhelming if you’re not careful. If you ask me, it’s a good idea to create some spaces in the home that are completely free from technology or gadgets. It could be a spare room that you go to. Or you could banish technology from your bedroom to make it much easier for you to relax in there.

Change the Plan

The way you have your home planned out can have a big impact on how relaxing and idyllic it feels. If you really want to change things up, you could visit The House Plan Shop and see what plans they have to offer. You need something that will help you to relax. That means it will need plenty of space as well as a homely feel to it. That’s not necessarily an easy combination to get right, but there are plenty of options for you to explore.


Image Source

Beat the Clutter

A cluttered house is not an idyllic house! If your house is overflowing with stuff that you don’t really want or need, it’s about time you had a clear out. By getting rid of the clutter, you’ll be able to free up more space and make it easier to relax in the home. Clutter creates tension in the home, and tension is certainly not compatible with the idyllic environment that you want to create in your home. Get rid of everything that is not needed. You could sell the stuff you don’t want on an auction website.

Bring in Nature

Having plants in the home is important for many reasons. First of all, it’s healthy to bring nature indoors. We all need to be connected to nature in some way and having lots of plants and flowers in the home is a way of doing this. It will also make the home look better. But the most important thing about plants is that they have to cleanse the air and re-oxygenate the room. They’ll help to eliminate all the gases and nasty odours that fill the air in your home, and that will help make the home feel more idyllic.

I think I will be sending my boys with their own lunch boxes

My goodness the school lunches have changed from when I went to school. I went to pick my twin boys from school the other day and it just so happened to be lunch time so I waited for my boys to eat their lunch before I took them out of school for their doctors appointment and I was shocked to see them drink their milk out of a plastic bag!! What happened to the little milk cartons we used to get. I was also shocked to see that they had a plastic basket with packages of apple slices instead of the whole apples we used to get. The meat did not look appetizing at all and now I understand why my child kept telling me about the lunch bag here which is on a website he saw. Now I must admit that the lunch bags are cute and I know he will eat all the food I pack him because the times I have given both the boys a packed lunch they finish everything.

I am going to consider just sending them with their own lunch because after seeing what I saw at the school cafeteria I do not blame them at all for not wanting to eat all that food. I am a grown up and I wouldn’t want to eat that food either!!

Trials And Tribulations Of Kids And Schooling Document

As a mother, it can be a nightmare trying to keep track of your kids progress at school. As well as this you have to encourage them to study and if you can, raise their grades. If you can’t do that, then you just have to make sure they are doing their best. That’s all they really can do. But, here are some pointers on how you can help in other ways.

Keep Their Minds Active Through The Summer Drought

It’s easy for kids to forget all about studying in the summer season. With no school, there is nothing pushing them to learn. But if you can you should encourage them to keep their study muscles active during the months of no school. This can be anything from writing a daily journal to completing at least thirty minutes of work a day. In the summer, thirty minutes of study is nothing. That still leaves a lot of time for them to go out and have fun.

Help Them If They’re Struggling


Picture Source

When a child is struggling at school, there could be any number of causes. It might be that they are having difficulty concentrating due to poor eyesight. Or, it could be that they are distracted by someone they have a crush on in class. The might also be being bullied. It’s important that you find the root of the problem because each can lead to more serious developments. A young child will not be able to tell you if they can not see the board properly. They’ll know something is wrong, but they won’t be capable of pinpointing it. That’s why you should regularly take your kids to see an optician particularly if they are struggling in classes.

If a kid is being bullied, it’s also crucial you find out. Bullying can lead to serious and occasionally tragical consequences and needs to be tackled head on.

Of course, it could be your child needs extra tuition for subjects they are having difficulty with. This is a common occurrence and can be remedied by hiring tutoring. I know most parents are wondering: Where can I find tutoring services near me? If you search online, you’ll find some great services available at a fair price.

Try Other Forms Of Study

Some kids can’t learn by listening to someone speak or by reading a book. We’re all different and take information in, through different means. For instance, some children have memories that react more to visual information. Others find it easier if the information is given in rhythm, perhaps through music. You can help your child by finding the best studying technique for them. It’s probably not the way the rest of the kids in the class are learning. But, it will work specifically for your child.

Show Interest

Finally, I think the most important way a parent can help their child do well at school is by showing they care. You often will not have to push them to study. You just need to show you’re interested in what they are learning about. Try helping them if you can and if you do this, you’ll find they react more positively to learning.

My Guide To Styling Your Home With Minimal Budget



Fancy doing up your home before Christmas but worried you can’t afford it? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. While I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a master of budget home designing, over the years I have picked up some great tips. So, read on as I share them with you – and you never know, you might be inspired to make some changes just in time for the holiday season.

Know your style

Style, as most of you, will know, is all about your personality. So, this is the starting point for everything that follows. Know yourself, and you will soon begin to develop your style. Once that happens, the world is your oyster. You will spot the bargains you know will fit into your home, and you will develop your eye. You don’t have to be a designer to design!

Embrace the DIY ethic

First of all, how are your DIY skills? Learning the basics of making your own furniture and interesting pieces is a surefire way of bringing in your personality into your home. You could do a course – check here for an example – or look online. There are plenty of free resources out there that will take you through many different examples. Start looking now – and start building tomorrow. It’s easier than you might think.

Get into refurbishing

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then don’t spend it. If you can fix and mend things, it will cost you far less to get a new look in your home. All it takes is a little imagination, and it can take you a long way. For example, let’s say that your sofa is looking old, tired, and hasn’t been replaced for ten years. Just head down to your local fabric shop, learn some basic upholstery skills and embrace the DIY method. Upholstery too much? Then just use your sewing machine and create some new cushion covers.

Forage for interesting pieces

The next time you head down to the beach or go for a walk in the woods, have a look around you. Driftwood or old logs can be brought home, dried, and cut to become anything you like. You could create some stunning shelves, for example, or even an amazing table top – if the wood is large enough, obviously. The better you are at DIY, the more incredible things you will begin to make.



Reuse old possessions

Again, a little imagination can go a long way. So, the next time you decide to throw away old clothes, curtains or any other belongings, have a think about whether they can be reused. For example, you can use old fabric to make interesting pillows or a patchwork quilt. You could tear out your favourite passages from old books and frame them to create cool artwork for your walls. There is so much you can do – have a look over at Hiscox to get some inspiration.

Double up

If you need to spend big on renovations, then think about how you can save money by sharing uses. For example, if your bathroom needs work, get a shower bath unit instead of a separate bath and shower. Try to see what you can expect. Now let’s say you need to fork out for storage and a desk unit for an office. Just go for a large shelving unit, and take out a slat or two to create space for your legs instead.

Get thrifty

Charity shops and antique markets are excellent for a bargain, as everyone knows. As long as you check things for damage and have exact measurements in mind, then you can get some serious deals. Also, think about the area you go to when you are charity shopping. If you can find somewhere that collects donations from a wealthy area, you will reap the rewards – for a knockdown price.

The early bird

There are also plenty of bargains to be had at car boot sales. However, you will need to get up early to find the best homeware and furniture, as it tends to go quickly. It might involve an early rise on a Sunday, but once you get home with a steal, it will more than make up for it. Don’t be afraid to haggle, either. If you are buying several pieces from the same stall, you can negotiate a much better price in many cases.

There you have it – my tips for styling your home on a smaller budget. I hope I’ve managed to get your creative juices flowing, because ultimately when you have little money, that’s what you are going to need. Feel free to share any of your tips in the comments section below.

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