Where do you look when you need a Water Heater ?

One of the most dreaded things for me as a homeowner is that when things breakdown I have to worry about them getting fixed. Long gone are the days when I could just call the the apt office or landlord and request maintenance. Now when things break down I have to get my pink tool case (yes, people I have a bright pink tool case and it is awesome) and try to figure out what is broken and if I am able to fix it.

There are a few occasions when there is simply no repair to be the issue, such as when my water heater busted. There was no way I knew how to fix it and so I had to call a repairman and hope that he could fix my issue. Unfortunately for me I need a brand new water heater. I wish at the time I lived in Indianapolis where I could have just looked up Indianapolis Water Heater and find it on the internet. Instead I had to struggle to find a good company to come and fix my water heater.

I like companies such as Coopers water conditioning where I can see the many different services they offer. If I need water conditioning Coopers provides it. If I need drinking systems Coopers company provides it. I love companies such as Coopers where they offer an array of services and products. Let me tell you that as a homeowner you learn to appreciate certain things and one of those things is the easy access to different services all in one place and like that of Coopers Water Conditioning.

just stopping by for a quick hello

To say my life has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks is to say the least. I had to deal with a situation that I thought I would never have to deal with. I thought I had taught my children right from wrong and it seems that was clearly not the case. I know I am being a little vague right now, but I promise to write about it more in detail when I get the chance. I just wanted to stop by and say hey before anyone worried about me or wondered what the heck was going on.

ShabbyChickCrafts on Etsy offers all the products your planner might need

As you all know I am a mommy of 6 and as you can imagine I am busy as busy can be. There are days where I would have no clue what day of the week it was or what I am supposed to do if it wasn’t for my trusty planner. In my planner I jot down all the things that need to be done and where I need to be. When I have time I decorate my pages, which serve me as a form of relaxation and time to unwind and make the pages I will be looking at pretty.

I don’t always have time to make my own inserts so I go to etsy to find what I need. I am all about supporting people who come up with wonderful and useful items and not to mention pretty too. Today’s Etsy spotlight will be for the wonderful ShabbyChickcrafts store on etsy.

I got some wonderful felt paperclips that were just too cute to pass up. I love that they are priced just right and the shipping is quite fast. These paperclips are one sided and have a felt piece in the back that holds them in place. I was so impressed with these felt paperclips that I ordered quite a few to send out to my planner buddies.


While ordering my paperclips the wonderful owner of ShabbyChickCrafts gave me the opportunity to try out her A5 inserts and folks let me tell you…these inserts are fabulous!! The paper in which they are printed on is exquisite. The color of the print on the TO DO and TO BUY list is simply one of the best paper and color I have seen. My writing did not shadow like it normally does on other paper. I loved the online order tracker as I often order online and sometimes I can forget what orders I am waiting on. ShabbyChickCrafts offers different kinds of inserts and I am sure you will find what you are looking for when you take a look.

ShabbyChickCrafts offers just about everything you might need to make your planner pretty and functional. Whether you need planner bands, washi tape samples or functional stickers, I am sure you can find what you need to make you planner perfect by shopping at ShabbyChickCrafts on ETSY. Take a look and tell me what you like from her page.


To all you wonderful readers ShabbyChickCrafts has been nice enough to offer you all a discount on your purchase. Use the coupon code”DOMESTICVIXEN15″ for 15% percent off total purchase before shipping of 10.00 or more.

I cant help but feel a little bit thrilled

School will be starting next month for my kids. In a way I am glad that they will be going back to school because even though I love my kids dearly my wallet does not. These kids want to be eating all day and night and every summer our food expense goes doubles or triples. I know it might sounds mean but when I got the notice for my kids to go and pick up their school packets a little part of me in my head said their will finally be peace and quiet for at least a few hours.

My kids were excited because they got to pick their electives. One of them wants to take music class so he can learn to play a new instrument. My daughter wants to take up golf…I had a total WTF moment when she told me but just went with it. My older son had been looking us all kinds of musical instruments such as the mandolin guitar center where he looked up all kinds of guitars. I love his enthusiasm but I don’t know how I will feel about the extra noise especially with these headaches I have been having.

I got one that will be graduating this year and is thrilled about going to college. I am just thrilled that the twins will get to go to school for the full day. I am hoping to finally get the house straightened and maybe get to take a college class or two. I can’t help but feel a little thrilled about the kids going back to school. My kids are looking forward to going back to school too.

My Friend Cayla Doll is an interactive doll that will talk and answer questions.


When I was growing up I had tons of dolls to play with. One of my favorite dolls was a My Child doll that kind of looked like me. I remember spending hours just combing her hair and talking to her and just wishing she could talk back. I always wanted an interactive doll but I was way ahead of my time and dolls like that didn’t exist in my day. My children luckily get to have toys and dolls that are much more interactive than mine ever were.

The My friend Cayla Doll is an interactive doll that can play games, answer your child’s questions and even read her stories. In order to have my friend Cayla up and running you need 3 AA batteries ( which are not included) and all you have to do is download the app through Apple iOS or Android, turn on Bluetooth and you are ready to have Cayla interact with your daughter. Cayla’s range while connected to Bluetooth is 30 feet so while you don’t have to have the app right next to Cayla make sure you do have her within range. My friend Cayla stands at approx. 18 in tall and has the mobility to either stand or sit down which my girls had a fun time doing.


My friend Cayla speaks different languages which is a great feature for this bilingual family. She also plays games and doesn’t always let you win, which my girls were shocked to find out. If your daughter is not in the mood to play games she can always settle for some quiet time and listen to Cayla tell her a story. Cayla likes to describe what went on in her photo album pictures on the My friend Cayla app. If you are worried about Cayla’s search of the internet, have no worries as Cayla is programmed with a kid safe proprietary software called Violet that protects your child from any offensive or sensitive words or images, it also allows parents to add to additional words or phrases to it. My girls had a great time talking to Cayla and having Cayla tell them all about herself. My girls were even happy to find out that Cayla’s favorite color is the same as theirs. What questions would your daughter want to ask Cayla? My girls seemed to have asked her at least 50 questions before they got tired and decided to just have quiet reading time.

My friend Cayla is sure to bring hours of fun for your girls, My daughters had a great time doing her hair and playing tic tac toe and listening to Cayla tell them stories.

If you are interested in buying a My Friend Cayla doll she will be available at major retail stores such as Target and Walmart and of course Amazon.com

To learn more about my Friend Cayla follow her on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MFCayla
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myfriendcayla

* I was provided My friend Cayla Doll for review purposes. I received no monetary compensation and all thoughts and opinions are my own and may vary from yours*

My beauty routine involves covergirl and Olay…what does yours consist of?

Everyone has a beauty regimen they follow. Whether you spend 10 minutes or an hour getting ready we ladies have a ritual we follow. I have perfected my beauty routine and can have myself makeup ready in 15 minutes or less. if I don’t have a pending appointment my make-up is usually minimal. Some of the products I like to use are the following which can be found at your local walmart store.


1. Olay® Ultra Moisture Beauty Bar : This beauty bar cleanses your face without leaving it dry which is a big deal for me since my skin tends to be on the dry side. The shea butter in this bar leaves your skin moisturized and feeling fresh and soft and smooth.


2. CoverGirl® LashBlast Volume Mascara: a girl can never be without a nice mascara and this mascara does wonders to my lashes. I love having full beautiful lashes and this covergirl lashblast gives my lashes that full and long and beautiful appearance. If I don’t wear makeup for the day one thing I cannot go without is this mascara!!


3. CoverGirl® CG Smoothers Pressed Powder: As much as I would love to have flawless skin.. the truth is that I still have imperfections in my face and I do my best to hide them. This Covergirl Cg smoothers pressed powder does a great job of hiding the redness from my face and hides that pesky pimple or two.


4.CoverGirl® Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner pencil: Now you know I couldn’t forget the eyeliner. I have to have something to make my almond eyes pop out and the covergirl perfect point plus eyeliner pencil does just that!! The smooth glide of this pencil on my eyes is what makes me keep going back to this pencil time and time again. This eyeliner pencil is so good that my teenage daughters often take it and I have to be begging the girls to give it back.

5. Covergirl EyeEnhancers eyeshadow: The brown hues in this eyeshadow palette are great for daywear or evening wear. I think these brown shades are the perfect subtle color for my skin and face. I just add a light color for the daytime and go a little darker in the evening if need be.

The items above are my must have for the day but for my night time routine, I make sure to use

Olay Regenerist® Micro-Sculpting Cream: this cream has been a lifesaver to my skin. Having six kids and just plain aging has taken a toll on my face and a wrinkle or two might have appeared even though I like to deny it. The use of the Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and that is exactly what my face needs.

makeup  haul

Let me not forget to also mention the cute nail polishes and beauty mask I picked up when I went to walmart with my giftcards. This was my latest make-up haul thanks to the good people of P&G,now you tell me what would be in your make-up haul ? Comment below and let me know what your beauty routine consists of and enter to win a $25.00 walmart gift card to buy some of your make-up must haves thanks to the generous people of P&G!!

*The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. All opinions are strictly my own and may vary from yours.*

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For Decades Prada has been a Headliner in luxury handbags


For decades Prada has been a headliner in luxury handbags. It is a name envied and desired, and for good reason too. Prada handbags continue to feature timeless designs that physically and fashionably last and last. Most recently the Prada Nylon Handbags has made a splash with their practical, versatile design that can quite literally complement any style and occasion. The Prada Nylon Bag available at Designersunglassesgoodies comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit the shopper’s personal look.

At DesignerSunglassesGoodies.com all of our Prada merchandises are purchased from Prada Space Outlet in Italy and are 100% authentic guaranteed. Each Prada handbag purchase comes with an authenticity card, Prada dust bag and is packaged in original Prada packaging and Prada box. Visit DesignerSunglassesGoodies online at http://www.designersunglassesgoodies.com

Product Review: Rid Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Rid tech package

Are you dealing with unwanted pests? During the Summer months do you have to deal with Ants , mosquitos, spiders? I for one hate spiders and ants and pretty much any insect out there. I cannot stand dealing with ants and this summer the ants have been coming into my house. No matter how much I wipe down my counters I can still find them wandering around my cabinets and on my counters.

Rid Tech

When I got offered the opportunity to review the Rid Tech Ultrasonic pest repeller, I couldn’t agree fast enough. I will try anything and everything to get rid of these pests short of setting my house on fire. I absolutely cannot stand dealing with ants!!

I anxiously waited to get my package with the Rid Tech and plug it in. Yes you got that right all you have to do is plug it in and that’s it!! The Rid Tech works by using ultrasonic technology to drive the pests away. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to deal with any harmful chemicals or poisons to get rid of these pests. I have a household full of kids and pets and using harsh chemicals is not something I want to be using around them.

rid tech2

Now unto the good part, I didn’t notice right away the ants lessening and started to get a bit discouraged the first week. I decided to give it a couple of weeks before I wrote down my opinion and I am glad I did. I started noticing that the amount of ants was less the second week and I also noticed that we haven’t had any spiders around the area where the Rid Tech is plugged at. I have a huge house so it didn’t completely clear the whole house of spiders or ants but there are less and that makes me happy. I am sure I could benefit from a few more of these little units all around the house.

Overall opinion is that while it didn’t get rid of all the ants in my house it did get rid of some from the kitchen which is where the unit was plugged in at.

*Rid Tech pest repeller was provided for my honest review. All opinions are my honest opinion and may vary from yours*

My craft room isn’t quite crafty right now… more like cluttery

I love doing arts and crafts with the kids. In my quiet time I like doing scrapbooking and more recently I have gotten into my planning/scrapbooking in my planner. I love decorating my planner with stickers and washi tape and all kinds of embellishments. The great thing is that I have accumulated lots of beautiful stuff for my hobby, but the bad thing is that all that stuff is bursting at the seams in my craft room.

I need something like Storable’s storage containers to contain all my things instead of the book shelf that is currently overfilled with cardstocks and stickers and markers and all kids of wood chips and different scraps. I keep telling myself that I am going to organize my craft room but every time I decide to do it I get distracted by the kids or anything else. Please remind me to order some storage containers and maybe a couple more book shelves to get my little area of happiness organized.

I bet I would have a lot more walk room space if I got the sticky notes and crap I have all over my floor in nice neat containers with labels on them. Oh I really need to fix that room and soon.

How has your summer been going ?

Here I thought I would be able to sleep in since it is summer and my kids are out of school. Ha… yeah right, These kids still wake up at the crack of dawn and want to go play outside or want to be running around screaming all over the house. I hear I am bored mom at least 2 or three times an hour but when I offer chores that need to be done all of a sudden they have things to do.

I have been trying to keep my kids as busy as possible with arts and crafts and trips to the Drive in theatre and to the 1.00 movies that our local Movie theatre offers. These kids have too much energy and I don’t have enough energy. I have never been a very big coffee drinker but I think I am going to need one or two cups just to start my day and be able to keep up with these guys.

On another note the weather has been so hot that I have been running the AC 24/7 and I know I am going to hate seeing the electric bill when it gets here. What have you been doing to keep your kids busy ? Do you have any recommendations on where I can take the kids this summer vacation?

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