DJ… could you play that song…

Just when I think I am going to have a good week with no migraines or anything I start getting sick. Yesterday morning I woke up fine but as the evening came around I started with a scratchy throat which then turned into a sore throat. I already had a stuffy nose and that stuffy nose turned into a runny stuffy nose. I am so over feeling sick. I want to be able to go out and have fun like I used to.

My cousins were able to got to a street concert where all kinds of bands play in different areas around the block. My cousin was telling me about the awesome DJ’s out there and how he plans on getting his own equipment to further his skills and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that I could not be out having fun with them. I love all the enthusiasm that he shares with me about all the cool dj equipment he sees for sale and if things don’t get better for me health wise it might look like he will be the only DJ I will be seeing and it will have to be in my house!! I really need to boost my immune system and find a way to will my body to just get better. Hopefully some rest will give me some energy and help my body fight off this cold or whatever it is.

New Year, New start

I have to get back into the routine of writing again. The past year I dealt with horrible migraines that just made it difficult to want to do anything. I am determined this year to be in better health. Its a new year and a new beginning. I don’t want to set new years resolutions because I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I am going to be writing this down though so I can make myself accountable for things. I have a planner and a TN that I plan to write in to help me.

One of my goals is to bring down our debt. We have accumulated a lot of debt and I just want to be able to lower those costs. As much as I like stationery I need to not buy every cute thing I see. I know that is going to be hard for me lol. What are your goals or things you want to work on this year ?

Create The Style You Love In Your Own Home

Running a busy household can sometimes make you forget that it is also a place you want to show off. Your home can be the place where your creativity can shine through. It’s not just about being clean and tidy. Style has an important part to play as well. You don’t need to be an interior designer to think like one. Just a little time to consider the look of your home is all you need. You can create a style that all the family will love in your home:

The living room is probably the room that guests will spend the most time in. You and your family may also spend more time in here than other rooms in your house. This is the perfect room to add plenty of your own personality to. You can choose any one of thousands of colors that could form your palette. Then you can bring that color out on your accent wall, your drapes and your soft furnishings. Complete the look you want with a contemporary light fitting or radiator. Even the style of the couch could make a statement about your home.

The kitchen is another room where style matters. Your cupboards may be contemporary in style. Or maybe you prefer a shaker style kitchen? The appliances you select could also follow the theme you’re looking for. Kitchen worktops or countertops offer the biggest surface for you to color. As a simple addition to create a stylish kitchen, this will be the star of the kitchen. Add floor and wall tiles in the same or a contrasting color to create a fantastic look. Strong and bold, or sweet and light?

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Although it’s unlikely anyone but your family will see the bedrooms, each room should have its own style and personality. Picking colors you love is a big part of decorating a bedroom. You can always pick that color up in your drapes, rugs and bedspreads too. Your choice of furniture will play a big part in how your room looks. You might choose contemporary, high-gloss pieces. Or maybe a traditional pine collection of drawers and cabinets is more your style?

The flooring in each room will also go a long way to helping you define your style. Hardwood floors can look so elegant and elaborate. Carpets look softer and more inviting for a comfortable home. Then there is tiling and polished concrete. Flooring obviously goes far beyond being practical. A stylish floor can be further enhanced with your choice of rugs and standing furniture. Practical cabinets, stands, or even tall vases can help create the perfect look for each room.

Lighting is really important when you’re trying to create your own unique style. Natural light in the day can be directed to different areas of the room with blinds. Standard lamps, up lighters, spots and table lamps can help create focus in the room in the evenings. Light can be soft or harsh. Each will create a different effect that will help you style your room elegantly. Finally, the fittings themselves can help bring chic or fun into the room.

The Problems Your Home Faces In The Heat

Your home is the one place you should be able to relax in. The place that makes you feel safe, secure and happy. But what happens when things start to go wrong in your hie? Especially in the summer heat. This is where your home can face some big problems. But relax, I’m here to pre-warn you what risk your home is at in the summer heat and how you can prevent it. Leaving you to enjoy your home once again.

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Overheating in your living spaces

Your home can be at real risk of overheating during the summer. It’s like no matter what you do your living spaces feel hotter inside than it does to be outside. But this is where taking precautionary measures can make things better once again. Leaving your home to feel cool and a place to relax in, instead of overheating. First, consider making the most of the cooler mornings and evenings. This is where getting the windows open and allowing cool air to circulate your home. The next best tip would be to then shut blinds and curtains. This stops the sun from shining through the window and heating up your room. This is great for bedrooms and living spaces. Having air conditioning on all the time can be costly, so try and find alternative solutions.

Creepy critter infestations

Just like you want your home to be a safe haven for you, so do those creepy critters. In the summer your home is more likely to be infested with insects like spiders and ants. They seek refuge in the cooler house. However, this can be rather annoying and also make you feel uncomfortable. So if you spot any signs of an infestation, especially from the likes of ants, then get some preventative measure in place. If you can consider traps, some people have recommended carpenter ant baits which could help. Or alternatively if you want to think of more natural methods, try lemon juice and vinegar. Apparently they dislike the smell and taste. The last thing you want is them getting into the kitchen and near food, so try and nip those infestations in the bud before they get out of hand. However, if you are struggling there are professionals that can exterminate the nests and stop the infestation at it’s source.

Air conditioning breaking down

The last thing you want in the heat is the air conditioning breaking down. But that is what could happen. So try and avoid this by making sure your air conditioning unit is regularly serviced. This is where you could be pre warned of any parts looking like they are about to break, or whether you have any problems. A great way to keep track of services and appointments is to have a plan in place. Many energy providers offer appliance cover or insurances that you can take out. They can be a god send especially if something does break down. They normally have a call out service that rectifies the problem straight away.

I hope this has prewarned you of some of the problems your home could face in the summer heat.

The Best Ways To Deal With Chronic Stress

We all feel the burden of stress from time to time- it could be pressures from work, school or family life. Often it will resolve itself when the source of worry is no longer a problem (for example, when exams are over) but for some people, stress can be a long term problem. This could be a result of a very stressful life or job, or due to an undiagnosed mental health problem. Stress is a serious issue and should never be taken lightly, if you’re currently dealing with it here are a few things to try.

Connect With People

As the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. A good support network can ease your troubles and help you see things from a different perspective. Talking things through with the people you’re close to in your life can help you find solutions to the things you were worrying about (or make you realise that your worries aren’t as bad as you thought). Rather than bottling up your feelings, it’s healthy to talk about and express them. If you need to have a vent or a cry then go ahead, you’re bound to feel much better afterwards.

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Practice Meditation and Mindful Thinking

This is the act of paying attention to the present moment. Focus on your thoughts and feelings in the here and now. It’s so easy to become blind to the world around us, especially in the case of stress where you end up living inside your own head. You can end up spending more time worrying about things instead of paying attention to what’s right in front of you. When you are paying attention to the present moment, you’re not stressing about the past or feeling anxious about the future. You can simply appreciate where you are right now, and know that you’re ok. It’s a good way to bring things back in check when stress starts to spiral out of control. Take some deep breaths, focus on your breathing, pay attention to the present moment and nothing else.

Start a Stress Journal

Allowing yourself a set amount of time each day to worry and stress about your problems can actually be very beneficial. Take a pen and paper and write down everything that is currently causing your stress. From there you can begin to work out solutions, or you might even find that just the act of writing things out is cathartic. Once you’re done with your stress journal, put it away until the next day and try to clear your mind of all stressful thoughts until the next time you open it. It’s a good way to train your mind, as the famous quote by Buddha goes- ‘rule your mind or it will rule you.’ It means you’re not mindlessly stressing throughout the day, and can get on with things with a much clearer head.

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Exercise can reduce some of the intensity from your emotions that you feel when you’re stressed. You might feel like exercise is the complete opposite if what you want to do when you’re stressed out, but if you push through you’ll begin to enjoy it and finally will begin to rely on it. Not only is exercise great news for your mental health, but your physical health will also improve no end, you’ll generally feel better in all capacities Exercise reduces levels of stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol, while stimulating the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain which act as the body’s natural painkillers. These are responsible for that ‘runner’s high’ feeling that people report from exercise, and can boost your mood and attitude. Even a gentle half hour walk can clear the mind and reduce stress, so you could take it slow and still reap the benefits.

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Try Taking a Supplement

There are a number of essential oils and natural supplements that can be effective in relaxation and boosting mood. However, one that’s particularly interesting is called Phosphatidylserine. Research has indicated that it may be a useful tool for balancing mood and cutting stress. This is because it balances levels of cortisol, which as we’ve mentioned is the body’s stress hormone. And so taking dietary capsules which include the chemical, such as Phosphatidyl Serine capsules, can help you to maintain these stress hormones and keep your mood happy and stable.

Visit Your GP
If you feel as though your stress has become too much to cope with on your own, it’s highly advisable to visit a doctor. Chronic stress can cause a whole host of health conditions from heart attack to diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease. So addressing the problem early is beneficial for your health, don’t just brush it off or feel like you’re ‘just being silly’ as stress is a severe problem. You may have been stressed for so long that you don’t even notice it much anymore, and instead just have a constant feeling of dread or unease. This is very damaging to your body, so speak to a professional you can guide you to the help you need.

7 Ways To Revamp Your Roof

One way to dramatically change the look and effectiveness of your home, is to focus on the roof. There are a number of things you can do to your roof to make your home a better place to look at and live in. These 7 tips will get you off to a flying start:

1.Clean It Out

Start by cleaning your roof. Make sure you take safety precautions when doing so, as this can be tricky and dangerous if you’re not careful. Where shoes that have plenty of grip and are not slippy. You can use things like temporary toe guards to make sure you don’t lose your grip on the roof too. You should also be aware of the right conditions to clean the roof in. Never start cleaning the roof if it’s wet!

2. Repair It

Your roof may have leaks and cracks that not only affect your home, but the look of it too. There are many DIY guides online that will help you to fix your broken roof yourself if you’re confident and have the things you need. If not, it may be a better idea to get a pro to do it for you. This is especially true when it comes to the safe removal of asbestos roofing. Never mess around when dangerous chemicals and things are involved. You won’t want to risk it.


3. Replace It

If your roof looks tired and has lots of repairs, then you could consider replacing it altogether. This will cost more but it could benefit you more in the long run. It could add lots of value to your home, as well as make it look more aesthetic from a kurb point of view. Not only that, it will insulate your home better.

4. Add Solar Panels

Solar panels aren’t just for treehuggers. They are great for the environment, yes, but they can also be great for your bank balance. They allow your home to produce some of it’s own electricity, saving you money on your bills.

5. Tidy Up Satellites And Aerials

Some people have an abundance of satellites and aerials on their roof. While you may not be able to do that much about these as the placement is really important, you could potentially tidy them up using things like cable ties. Just be careful!


6. Paint it

Depending on the type of roof you have, painting it could be an option. Before you start you’ll need to make sure the roof is clean, and that you have prepared it properly. This will depend on the type of roof you have. Select the right type of paint, and make sure you can paint it without walking all over it afterwards.

7. Insulate It

Maybe your roof is letting draughts in. You don’t need to replace it to make your home warmer. You can insulate it yourself or get a pro to do it. 25% of the heat lost in homes is through the roof. It only makes sense to ensure your insulation is up to scratch.

Thanks for reading!

Top Tips: How To Make Your Home More Valuable And Sell Faster

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When it comes to selling your home, it can seem like a daunting task. With so many houses on the market, you need to do all you can to make yours stand out from the crowds. Even if you aren’t planning on selling anytime soon, some of these tips can add value and worth to your home.

A Fresh Lick Of Paint

Re-painting walls with neutral colours can really freshen your home, making it lighter and airier. Neutral colours allow and potential buyers to see it as a blank canvas and start to imagine what they would do in the space.


Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and old belongings. Not only will this make your home look better for viewings, but it will also make moving easier. You want any buyers to be able to see themselves living in your home, so leave it looking lived in but tidy. Clearing space will also make rooms look bigger and more spacious.

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Clean Up

Make sure your home is spotless for viewings to create a good first impression. There is nothing more off-putting than viewing a dirty house. Clean all the worktops and make sure all rooms are smelling beautiful. Light candles and display flowers to make the space look even more attractive.

Curb Appeal

Most viewers will have made an opinion before even stepping into the house, so make sure your home is looking it’s best from the outside as well as the inside. Repair any missing roof tiles, tidy up the front garden, and repaint windows and doors. If the drive is in disrepair, consider fixing this. Gravel drives are easily maintained, or look at Walker Civil’s great concrete driveways for a modern and practical option.

Landscape The Garden

Tidying up the back garden can also impress buyers and make your home more attractive. An overgrown and neglected outside space can look like a lot of work and put people off. Trim back hedges, pull out weeds and sweep and patio or paths.


If you want to increase the space in your home, there are many different extension options. A second storey extension is ideal for creating more bedrooms, or a conservatory makes the most out of a sunny spot. If you are extending to sell your home, check costs to make sure it is a sound investment.

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New Windows

Replacing old window frames and glass improves the appearance from the out and inside of the house. Not only do they make it all look much tidier, but they also make the house more energy efficient. Invest in double glazed ones that retain heat in the winter.

Insulation is another great way of making your home more energy efficient and valuable. There are different options for this, with some being fitted into the walls, or fitted in loft space. They will keep the warmth in during the cooler months, and keep the house at a steadier temperature during the summer.

What are the steps you use when looking for a media group?

When you are a blogger sometimes you struggle to find the right platform. If you are an advertiser you also search for the right platform to display your content. How do you know which platform will work for you? I tend to read up on companies as much as I can and check out reviews. I want my voice heard and that is why I make sure to have my little place where I can go and voice out my opinions.

I like Triangle Direct Media because it always me to have that platform that I have searched for and needed. It is not easy finding the right group to work with but I am lucky to have found a great group. What are your main concerns when you are looking for a media group ?

Basement Flooding: What You Need To Know

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Every basement is prone to flooding due to the sheer nature of them. That means that basement floods aren’t that uncommon, and when they occur, they can be damaging. If you don’t know how to react, you’ll be in for a dangerous situation. So, take the time to read our article today to provide you with basic knowledge in case this happens.

Why Would My Basement Flood?

Your basement will have some kind of waterproofing system to protect it from the elements. Unfortunately, if you suffer a high degree of rain over a long period of time, those waterproofing systems can fail. As a result, your basement will flood due to excessive rainfall.

Your sewer pumps can also be the reason for a flood. If they are overly clogged with dirty water and rubbish, they might get stuck, and your waterproofing won’t be able to deal with it. That water will come back into the home, and as you can probably imagine, it’ll be a lot worse than rainwater!

There are other things you need to be aware of as well, including whether rainwater regularly pools around your house. It’s safe to say that there are a variety of reasons why you might suffer from flooding.

What Can I Do About It?

The first thing you need to know about dealing with a basement flood is that it can’t be done by yourself. Sure, you can do bits and pieces, but you’re going to need the professionals in to prevent any serious damage. Make sure you pick a reputable local company or use a good web site to find the best solution.

Before you do this, however, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, if it’s just rainwater that has flooded the basement, you want to try and get involved in some damage control. Do whatever you can to mop up that excess water. If you’ve also got a dehumidifier, now is the time to use it. It should go without saying that if you’re dealing with sewage, you shouldn’t be messing with it at all. This has the potential to make you very ill.

But why do you need to the professionals to come round if you’ve mopped up the damage? This is basically because you need to ensure that a buildup of mold doesn’t become a problem. Everything will be affected, from wooden structures to towels. If you don’t combat the problem quickly, mold will start to form within a very short amount of time. This is why it’s essential that as soon as you notice the mold, you get the experts to come and survey the damage.

Yes, it’s going to cost a bit of money to solve the issue, but as long as you catch it in time, you shouldn’t suffer any long-term issues. Find out why the problem occurred, and try and take measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. As long as you do the right things, you shouldn’t have to deal with basement floods in the future.

Essential Safety Considerations For Your Home


Owning your home provides you with the freedom to make changes wherever you feel they are needed. But it is also comes with responsibilities. When something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it. This is true if there is a hole in the roof or a problem with the foundations. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are providing a safe environment for your home’s inhabitants.

Health Hazards

Starting with the most urgent issues first, there are a number potential health hazards that you could be at risk from. This is particularly true if you move into an old house. Older houses often have charm and character in abundance. They also tend to have a solid structure. However, they are not without their problems. Not all old houses meet with modern day codes, and therefore, you may find problems such as asbestos. This isn’t something that should be tackled yourself. It poses serious health risks. You should, therefore, seek the services of a domestic asbestos removal company. They will assess the problem and work out the most efficient and safest method of disposal.

Other issues that could present problems are the use of lead paint on walls and damp.


When you move into your new home, always ensure that the boiler is up to code. It should be serviced annually by a qualified engineer. Gas appliances should also be checked. Any issues should be fixed. In the meantime you should discontinue use of the affected appliance.

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed. Check with an engineer as to how many you need. Check them regularly, at least once a month. Replace batteries on a regular basis.


Fire is another potential threat to your home and family. To ensure they stay as safe as possible, follow the steps below:

•Install smoke alarms and check them at least once a month

•Create an escape plan and ensure everyone knows how to follow this

•If you have security bars on windows or doors, ensure they have a quick release valve

•Keep window keys handy in case you need to exit in an emergency

•In case of fire, never open a door that feels hot

•Set up a meeting place outside of your house

•Ensure all electrical devices are in good working order

•Fix or throw away any electrical devices that are faulty

•Always ask an electrician to check faulty cables or outlets. Don’t attempt to do this yourself.

•Routinely check all electrical cables for signs of wear or damage

•Don’t leave pans on the stove when you’re away from the kitchen

•Don’t leave paper or towels near to the stove

•Never leave candles unattended

Garden Walkways

Keep paths and walkways clear to avoid tripping hazards. Fix any damaged paving. Make sure that all paths are well lit at night. If possible, invest in a security light. This will switch on at night automatically if it detects motion. Make sure that doorways are also well lit.

There are lots of potential risks in your home. These are just a few of the basics. Carry out regular maintenance checks to keep your home and its occupants safe. Always call an expert to deal with anything you’re unsure of.

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