Starting all over again

As you may or may not have noticed, my website crashed and a lot of my posts were deleted. I tried to get as much as I could recovered but many of my posts were deleted. Its okay though, new year new posts. Lets see where do I start… Last year I started getting my migraines again. I haven’t had them this bad since Junior high school. The weather certainly plays a part in them and I am still trying to find all the triggers.

I know that every summer I complain about how hot it is, but I cant stand this cold either. Why cant I just find the perfect spot where the weather is just perfect. I am just going to go and get in my warm pajammies and a cozy blanket and read a book.

8 Restful Seats for the Weary



Picture the scene. A traffic jam in the city. Trains delayed again. Your commute to work took hours. You’ve had a bad day in the office. And now you’re home. At last.

When we’re tired, a place to rest is like an oasis in the desert. Designers and manufacturers have answered our weary prayers with a range of seating options to try.


This tidy space-saver is a handy household favourite. Japanese in origin, the ‘mattress’ is compressed into a concertinaed formation that unfurls easily into a bed. Commonly constructed from wooden slats, the base provides a sturdy foundation for sitting and lying down.

Chaise Longue

Sophisticated, chic and elegant. Its serpentine backrest is feminine. Its design is simply sublime! A chaise longue has an almost regal quality. Upholstered in rich fabrics, it is a royal centrepiece in any discerning boudoir or sitting room. Its name suggests its purpose is to lounge at leisure. And its firm structure allows a lady to recline languidly without compromising her poise or posture.

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are, by design, relaxing. They are equally at home in bedrooms, sitting rooms, and porches. Whether rocking an infant in your arms or working on a sewing project, rocking chairs are an adult’s version of a child’s rocking horse. Without the mane!


Stools come in all manner of guises. And are used in a variety of different ways. They are associated with work and leisure. The three-legged milking stool. The tall bar stool. The concerto’s piano stool. Or the lady’s footstool. A stool’s function and design are many and varied. The absence of a backrest or armrest categorise the humble stool as a place to perch rather than recline.


The bed often functions as a seat during the daytime. We use it to read, text a friend, or do some knitting. Indeed, it is the perfect recliner when tired but not ready for sleep. So whether night air beds are your ideal or a gently rocking waterbed, it’s a thumbs-up for relaxation.


The ultimate slouching seat! It’s ingenious in its simplicity. Can an oversized bag filled with nothing but lightweight beans work as a concept? Yes, it can! Perfect for gaming, watching TV or reclining with a paperback, the beanbag is here to stay. Brightly coloured designs are fun and casual seating additions to a child’s bedroom. (And an adult’s!)


Synonymous with the seaside, the humble wooden deckchair has earned its place in history. As a construct, its design is simply a wooden frame supporting a taut fabric layer. It has the bonus of folding up neatly when not in use. The traditional striped fabric adds a splash of colour to beaches and gardens when the sun shines.


Wooden and wrought iron benches are a common site around the world. They are associated with outside spaces like parks, gardens and sidewalks. They are the weary traveller’s place of rest. Hardwearing and weatherproof, a bench is a friendly seat for people (and pigeons) the world over.

Put your feet up with your chair of choice and relax at leisure.

Slash The Cost of Your Energy Bills



One of the biggest chunks of your monthly finances is eaten up by energy bills. Gas, electric, and water costs are soaring, and there’s not much you can do about it. Or is there? It’s easy to sit back and accept the bills that come through your letterbox. In reality, you can save hundreds, just by making a few small changes. Today, we’re going to show you some tried and tested techniques for bringing those energy bills down. It’s all much easier than you think too.

Get a monitor – The first thing to do is measure exactly how much energy you are currently using. An energy monitor will measure your energy consumption, and highlight the biggest drains on your electricity. It shows you the worst-offending appliances, and indicates where you could cut back. It’s the best way to understand more about your current energy use.

Turn down the thermostat – You probably won’t notice the difference if you turned the thermostat down by one degree. But, your bank balance certainly will! Some experts suggest that turning down just one notch will save you up to $200. That’s a decent saving for a such a small change.



Use energy efficient light bulbs – Energy efficient light bulbs last much, much longer than a traditional bulb. And, they sip electricity slowly and gently from your supplier. That means you’ll save a small fortune over the year. By replacing every bulb in your house, you’ll make a big difference in the energy consumption.

Block draughts – If your house feels cold, don’t immediately turn to the heating system. Take a second to plug any draughts first. This is often the source of the cool air, and it will slowly make a huge difference to the overall house temperature. The biggest offenders are windows, doors, and chimneys. But, it’s also worth checking your floorboards and attic hatch for signs of cold air flow.

Energy efficient appliances – Next time you need to upgrade your kettle, coffee maker, or even a fridge, make sure you purchase energy efficient items. Much like the light bulbs, they only take a small amount of energy to function. It saves you a lot of money over the course of a year.

Switch supplier – Even if you’ve made all these changes, there is a bigger alternative. If you’re not happy with your electricity rates, start shopping around. See what else is out there. It rarely pays to stay loyal these days. Instead, take advantage of introductory offers, and special deals. Search around the best service, and switch suppliers.

Long-term solutions – If you’ve found your forever home, it’s worth making a few long-term alterations. These will seriously reduce your energy bills in the future. Unfortunately, they will cost you money up front. We’re talking about upgrading the insulation and installing double or triple glazing. You could also replace the boiler to an energy efficient alternative. Lastly, you could install renewable home energy devices like solar panels or wind turbines. These changes are expensive, but they’ll pay for themselves over the years.

That’s all for now, folks. Have you got any other clever ideas for cutting energy bills?

My 5 Steps To An Eco-Friendly House

Even though the winter is around the corner, I have been thinking about redecorating the house. Recently, I am trying to take the environment more seriously. So, I have been recycling and even walking instead of driving where possible. Still, there is a lot more I can do at home. My home is not as eco-friendly as it could be at the minute, which is why I need to make a few changes. Plus, with the cold weather on the way, they will hopefully make a difference to the energy bills. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

1. Install Metal Panels

On the face of it, metal panel systems don’t seem like they are very good for the environment. After all, they are not organic, nor do they come from the Earth. Still, they do last for decades if you have them added to your house. The right metal panels will last for ages, and they will ensure that your property doesn’t start fall apart. I have been thinking about adding them to the roof to keep it sturdy and stop the heat from leaking out during the winter.

2. Open The Curtains

Because there is little warmth to go around, you need to make the most of the heat that is available. You are never going to warm your house without turning on the heating otherwise. To get the most from the winter sun, make sure you open the curtains or blinds during the day. The light will flood in and bring the heat with it, too.

3. Switch To Curtains

Firstly though, you need to switch to curtains if you have blinds. During the day, blinds are a fine choice, but at night they become a problem. As the temperature starts to drop, you need to keep the heat in and not let it dissipate. Blinds are not capable of holding in the warmth because they are flimsy and insubstantial. Curtains, on the other hand, are heavy duty and the fabric is great at absorbing heat.

4. Light The Fire

Do you have a fire at home? If you do, you should start using it sooner rather than later. Boilers and modern central heating systems are very effective. However, they also burn a lot of energy. That energy costs a fortune in the long run, and it also damages the environment as the fumes that burning gas gives off affects the ozone layer. By burning wood and paper, you reduce your carbon footprint and you don’t spend as much on gas and electricity.

5. Turn Off The Lights

It is so simple and effective, yet it is something that every homeowner forgets to do and it costs them a fortune. I used to have a massive problem with switching lights off because I would just forget. And, by the time I remembered, I was already doing something else and couldn’t be bothered going back to flick the switch! Every time you leave a room, make sure everything that can use electricity is turned off.

Again, it reduces the need for fossil fuels and saves heaps of cash, too.



Wonderful Wintery Things For Your Family To Enjoy This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to write a piece on some things you can do with your family. Here’s what I came up with:


(Image Link:

Go To Disneyland

This is something I’ve always wanted to do with my family, take them to Disneyland at Christmas. If you have young children, this will be like a dream come true for them! It will make their entire year, they’ll never stop going on about it. But, even if you have older children, it’s still a marvellous idea. Disneyland is a magical place, and it gets filled with Christmas cheer. Some say it’s impossible to go there and not have a smile on your face the entire time.

There are Disneylands all over the world in lots of different locations. So, you could even make a full blown holiday out of it and journey abroad! Either way, taking a Disney fuelled trip is the ultimate way to give your family a Christmas to remember.

Buy A Log Cabin

If you buy a log cabin for your family, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can spend your Christmas in a peaceful location overlooking a frozen lake. Sitting in a log cabin with everyone around a burning fire, it’s the spirit of Christmas right there. You could buy a local cabin or one abroad, the choice is up to you. Plus, when you’re not using it during the year, you could rent it out and get some extra cash!

The important thing with log cabins is to buy one you can afford and buy one that’s good quality. You want it to be a special holiday place for your family; somewhere you can go every winter. Also, make sure you buy things like log cabin sealant and chinking to help take care of your cabin. You’ll need to ensure it remains in tip top shape for your family to enjoy!



Take Part In A Charity Drive

This one is a little different to the others on this list. I feel like Christmas is a really special time of the year, it’s the season of giving. I also see it as a season of reflection and being grateful for what we have. While your family is having loads of Christmas fun, there are others that can’t enjoy this time of year. So, I think it would be cool if you and your family took part in a charity drive. There are usually lots happening around Christmas time, it won’t be hard to get involved. It gives you all the chance to give to others and make their Christmas a bit better.

Trust me, this will only make your holiday season feel better. You’ll have a lovely warm feeling inside as you know you’ve gone out and tried to make a difference. It can bring your family closer as you start to realise how lucky you are. Christmas is far more enjoyable when you’ve spread the Christmas cheer to those that are less fortunate to you. A wonderful family activity and something you should all try.

My Favourite Tools to Make Household DIY a Doddle

As someone who does a lot of DIY at home, I have built up knowledge over the years of the best tools to use. I now know the sorts of tasks I’ll be carrying out, and the best tools to use to complete these tasks. And this is a big part of embracing and perfecting the DIY process. Now I can enter into any project with confidence and determination.

So, I want to share with you some of my favourite tools that I like to use for DIY. Take a look at the tools I’ve listed here, and see how they compare to yours. Perhaps you need to consider using some of these for your DIY projects?

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench might not be a tool you’re particularly familiar with. But trust me on this; it’s a highly important piece of DIY equipment. It’s a particular type of wrench used to tighten a torque bolt. The bolts need to be tightened properly, so a torque wrench is the perfect way to ensure that this happens. Torque wrenches are one example of air tools that seem to be very popular these days. You can buy them online from a variety of different sources. Make this an essential addition to your tool collection.

Power Drill

There will no doubt come a time when you will need to do some drilling. This could be into the wall, a door, or even, the ceiling. When you’re doing drilling of any kind, it’s essential that you make sure you have a power drill. You need something that’s heavy duty and powerful. Something that will easily rip through a wall if you need it to. And that’s why a power drill is so important. Since the first time I used one, I’ve never looked back!


I have wooden floors in my home, and I feel it’s important to keep them looking great. So, as well as a clean and polish, they also need a good sanding every now and then. That’s why I count a sander among my most valued and essential tools. It’s something I need to use intermittently, but it makes such a difference when I do use it. If you have wooden floors, I strongly urge you to make sure you get a sander. You’ll thank me for it later!


The garden is a key area of the home, and I like to get out in mine and do some work now and then. The grass, in particular, needs care and maintenance. But sometimes it’s not appropriate to use the lawn mower. For the finer and more complicated areas, I would suggest you make use of a strimmer. These are excellent for sculpting and trimming the grass and the surrounding flowerbeds. They have a little more elegance and finesse than a lawnmower.


Image Source

It’s important to take DIY seriously because it plays a huge role in your home life. I go to great lengths to make sure I do plenty of DIY each month. A lot of it is necessary, and some of it is just because I enjoy changes and improvements. These are just a few of my favourite tools that help make the DIY experience much easier!

My Plan For Upgrading Your Kitchen

As a mom, I know how important the kitchen is to a well a run home. That’s why I’m thinking about giving mine an upgrade. I’ve been searching online looking at different blogs, and I think it’s time that I brought my kitchen into the 21st century. I think it’s going to be a long process, and I might not even get started this year. But, I have come up with a plan of what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. If you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen, you might want to use my strategy.

Plan A Budget

I’m not going to tell you what my budget is, but I will say it came in under ten thousand. I’ve been told that’s pretty good for a room renovation, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. To find out what my budget would be, I price compared all the upgrades I was interested in. I also figured out what were DIY jobs and when I would need professional expertise. Then I looked online for companies selling the materials and offering the surfaces that I wanted. After, that I had a number that I was more or less determined to stick to.

Clean It Up

This was the first thing that I did after I sorted out my budget. I cleaned the entire kitchen from top to bottom. I think I was hoping if I cleaned it up a lot I wouldn’t need such big improvements and could easily reduce the cost. No such luck, I’m afraid. Even after I had cleaned the entire room, the kitchen still left a lot to be desired. But, it was frankly a more pleasant place to be once it had been given a good clean. I also took this opportunity to remove some of the items that would get in the way during the renovation.

Upgrade The Flooring

I think this is where most of the expense is coming from. I found a building design company that installs heated, marble kitchen floors. Half of my kitchen is currently tiles, and the other half is carpet. It looks a mess, and I’m determined to give it the proper modern treatment. I’ve seen the pictures; it’s going to look terrific. But, if you want a cheaper price you can get an aesthetic marble that costs a lot less. You also don’t have to opt for the heated option. Let’s face it that’s going to add a lot to the energy bill at the end of the month.

Let There Be Light

The next upgrade I looked at was new light fixtures and a general improvement of the ceiling. I would like spotlights in my kitchen over each of the main areas. As well as this I want a line of lights over my breakfast island. This is quite a big job, but I’ve found the company who are willing to complete it for me. If you are interested in getting lights replaced in your kitchen, search There, you are sure to find some great options available to you.

Tech Upgrades

Finally, I plan on finishing the kitchen with some new tech. I’ve seen the smart fridges on sale, and I’m certain I’m going to buy one. They look modern, very stylish and will fit in perfectly with my new, improved room.


Picture Source

Simple Steps to Take When the Refrigerator Stops Working

When your refrigerator breaks down, it can be a nightmare to deal with. Here are the 5 steps you need to take.

1. Find Backup

If you notice the problem quickly, you should be able to find some coolers and fill them with ice. Then you can put the food that needs to be kept cold in those coolers. You might also be able to take some of the food around to your neighbour’s home and use their refrigerator. When you’re choosing which food to salvage from the broken refrigerator, make sure you choose the ones that you’ll be most likely to use. There’s no point in saving the foods that are least important because then you might not have space for the other stuff.

2. Work Out How Long it Will Last

You will be able to keep the food in the fridge for a while before it stops working completely. To keep the refrigerator cool for as long as possible, you’ll need to try to keep the doors closed, so you don’t let heat in. You’ll have about four hours before the refrigerator completely loses its cool and starts to become useless to you. So, make the most of it while it remains cool. You can use this time period to find cooler and a backup refrigerator.


Image Source

3. Throw Out Perishables

You have to be very careful when getting rid of some perishable foods. You shouldn’t keep foods that spoil easily unless you can keep them at the right temperature. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Things like meat, fish and milk need to be kept at the right temperature. Otherwise, they’ll rot, and you won’t want to eat them. Other foods like raw fruit and vegetables, cheese and condiments will be able to last much longer outside of a cool environment though.

4. Call a Repair Company

As soon as you’ve worked out what you’re going to do to save as much food as possible, you need to think about getting the refrigerator fixed. The faster you can get a repair company out to your home to fix it, the better. You should still do a little research and find a company that’s reputable and has all the right licences and permits though. You can find plenty of companies online that offer GE Appliance Repair services. So, find a company with good prices and a professional website, then give them a call.

5. Make Sure You Look After the Refrigerator in Future

After the ordeal of having to deal with a broken refrigerator, you should make sure you look after it better in future. Of course, something they just break down by themselves. But sometimes it happens because the owner doesn’t look after them properly. You should make sure you regularly check the door seals. If the seals are damaged and the door isn’t shutting fully, this will eventually cause a problem. You should also clean it out, especially the condenser coils. The refrigerator will become inefficient if dust builds up on the coils.

How to Make Moving Home a Piece of Cake

Moving home can be quite daunting for everybody involved. You’re basically upping and moving your whole lives. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re moving somewhere down the road or you’re going to move to the next city, you can make moving home a piece of cake. Read on to make this as easy as possible:

Enlist Help from Friends

When you enlist help from friends, you will make the whole thing cheaper and easier. They can help you with their cars, and if you have a friend with a van then that’s even better! They can help you pack things into boxes, you name it. Delegate tasks to them so you all have something to focus on and get things done in record time.



Find a Reliable Moving Company

You can’t always expect your friends to help you take all of your stuff to your new home. It might take multiple visits and trips, costing a bomb load in petrol. You probably have a lot of stuff at your house, right? If so, you need to find a reliable moving company. You shouldn’t cut corners on your research here. A reliable moving company could be hard to come by. I recently heard a story that said a moving company a couple found on Facebook never showed up at their new address. Luckily, the culprits have been arrested for theft. Just don’t let that kind of thing happen to you! Make sure you trust the company and they have good reviews or you’ll regret it!

Find a Sitter for the Day

If you have kids, pets, or both, you should find a sitter for moving day. It’ll make everything so much easier. As much as we love them, they can easily get under our feet. It can be chaos, and emotions can run high. The last thing you want is to set them off too. Find a sitter you trust and pick them up afterwards. It helps if you can unpack the kid’s rooms before picking them up too, or at least partly unpack. This will help them to feel at home and stop them from getting too upset!

Give to Charity/Throw Away

Instead of taking every single thing you own to your new place, why not give some things to charity? You probably have a load of things you don’t even use or want. Giving them to charity can be a great feeling. If you don’t think charity would take some of your stuff for whatever reason, just throw it away. You can only have so many sentimental items – stop putting sentimental value on everything!

Label all of Your Boxes

Label all of your boxes as you pack them so you know exactly what’s in them. Don’t get lazy here, I mean you write down exactly what’s in them. This will help you when you load them up, as you know what to pack near what to avoid catastrophes. You also know which boxes to put in which rooms in your new home ready to unpack. Plus, if you need something really quick, you can find the box and grab it without having to mess around. You’ll be really glad you did this.



Use a Storage Facility

A storage facility can help you to store some of your more important belongings while you make the move. Maybe you won’t have enough room for them in your new home but you can’t bear to get rid. Maybe you just need to keep them safe for a while. Whatever the reason, a storage facility can be a big help!

Make a List

Make a list of the things you’re taking with you so you don’t forget anything. Try to remember off the top of your head at first. Once you’ve done that, you can go from room to room listing everything you’ll need to pack. This will help you when you’re feeling stressed on the day. We’ve all felt like we’re forgetting something, but if you’re armed with the list that you prepared well in advance, you’ll feel much better about the whole situation. List making can be quite therapeutic too!

Double Check Every Room

Double check every room before you leave the house. Check under beds and any furniture you may be leaving behind. Scan the room carefully to ensure that you’re not leaving anything precious behind. Get somebody else to check it too, just incase!

Pack Emergency Bags

Emergency bags are a must when you’re moving. Whether you’re moving yourself or you’re using a moving company to help you, emergency bags are the key to have a better time. In these bags you basically pack everything you need at a moment’s notice. For instance your phone charger, toothbrush, facial wipes, a book, and so on. You can then have all of these items on hand without having to mess up your boxes or root through for ages. These are especially useful for kids, as they can get upset when you haven’t unpack their things and they want their favourite game or toy, for example.

Pack Glasses With Socks

Pack things like glasses with things like socks to avoid breakages. You wouldn’t normally think to pack these items together, but you’ll stop most accidents from happening and feel smug as you do it. Just make sure the socks are clean! If you can think of any more strange combinations like this that might work a treat to help breakages and other problems, then try them out.

With these tips, you can make moving a piece of cake. It can be a real pain, and you can feel more stressed than you’ve ever felt. I mean, you’re packing up your entire life and moving somewhere different. However, you need to remember why you’re doing it, and know that you’ll be happier in your new place. Once it’s done it’s done, so use these tips to make it much easier and you’ll be glad you did. Leave any tips of your own below, we’d love to hear them!

Save Money on the Cost of a New Sofa Today!

Save Money on the Cost of a New Sofa Today!

Our favourite armchairs and settees become soiled by regular use. Hard-to-remove stains spoil the look and feel of fabric furnishings. This devalues their appearance and their second-hand price too. However careful we are, natural oils secreted from hair and pores leave their mark. Likewise, newspaper print, coffee stains and pen ink add to the messy melee.

Here are some of the reasons to treat your fabric furnishings, and how to go about doing so.


Photo credit


Dust particles that form in the atmosphere land on furniture at will. Although largely indiscernible to the naked eye, they reap havoc for allergy suffers. Dust allergies are adversely affected by dirty fabrics. So too bronchial conditions like asthma. Ease symptoms by regularly cleaning your upholstery.

Man’s Best Friends

Dogs (and cats) leave muddy paw marks on your beloved upholstery. Dried in mud is hard to remove. Likewise, animal hairs clog up vacuum cleaners and remain steadfastly stuck to furniture. Animals attract other animals. Your dog may well be bringing uninvited houseguests with them in the form of tics and fleas.

Refresh Odours

As delicate fibre strands become clogged with dirt, the fabric reaches saturation point. Like rotting foodstuffs, odours begin emanating from the surface of the material. A thorough upholstery clean refreshes fabrics; allowing coverings to breathe freely again. And you can stop holding your breath each time you sit down too!


There are lots of products on the market promising a superior upholstery clean. These can be effective for removing light stains, or those newly created. Some marks are notoriously difficult to remove by hand. Concede that sometimes these products fail to beat their nemesis. No matter how many times you attempt to prove otherwise. So don’t waste time and money on a fruitless task.

Using a Washing Machine

It may be possible to refresh and clean cushions and seat covers in the washing machine. However, before you throw in your load with abandon, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Strong colours may run or fade. Fabrics may be liable to shrinkage. A dry clean or a steam clean is often the answer. So rather than taking a gung-ho approach, seek advice first.

Professional Upholsterers

Stubborn stains are no match for high-quality cleaning equipment. Professional cleaners have access to the strongest commercial cleaning products on the market. As such, professional upholstery cleaning can deftly tackle fibre woes with ease. Reinvigorate jaded furnishings and treat them with a professional touch. The cost of hiring an expert is money well spent if it saves you having to replace your furniture.

Cleaning Frequency

Industry professionals recommend that upholstery should be cleaned once a year. This will ensure dirt and grime don’t have time to build up. The longer it is left to fester, the more difficult it will be to remove. Allergy sufferers may benefit from a more regular fabric cleaning operation. Sensitive airways will respond negatively to even the slighted dust particles. Every six months, take your suite to task and rid the room of dust mites.

Reinvigorate your squashy sofa and relax in its clean embrace once more.

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